Crafts: Hand Print Lamb

Konnichiwa dearest dedicated readers 😉

Toddlers love doing arts and crafts!

You will be amazed at how much they can do once you start introducing them to various craft items. *indeed*

What can you do with a toddler? Find out how simple art can be with a little person 😀

Below are some pictures of our craft project; Hand Print Lamb:

Things You’ll Need:

  • 1 sheet of white or colored construction paper (except really dark colors)
  • handful of cottonballs
  • glue
  • black water color paint
  • 1 small paper eye
  • crayon or pen
  • colored ribbon
  • paint brush

Note: Our kiddies love to make their own colorful lamb on this project. Colorful Lamb!

Kiddies Lamb Project
Needed stuff~


Kiddies Lamb Project
We didn’t have cotton balls, I made cotton balls out of facial cotton (rolled, tied up with thread and cut!) 😉


Kiddies Lamb Project
Homemade cotton balls *transformation ehe*


Kiddies Lamb Project
Just can’t wait, la la la~


Kiddies Lamb Project
Preparation to color our cotton balls!


Kiddies Lamb Project
Dip, dip, and color~ We need to let those cotton balls to dry *continue at nite time, k*


Kiddies Lamb Project
Kiddies at night~


Kiddies Lamb Project
Our next preparation~


Kiddies Lamb Project


Kiddies Lamb Project
Draw and cut a shape of cloud for your lil lamb body and draw lil eyes with black marker~


Kiddies Lamb Project
Black paint~

  • Paint the thumb of your child’s hand with black paint. Immediately press hand onto paper to create hand-print.
    Note: While paint is drying, wash off child’s hand with soap and water.

Kiddies Lamb Project


Kiddies Lamb Project


Kiddies Lamb Project
Fingers painting moment~

  • Glue cotton balls to the body part of the black paper.

Kiddies Lamb Project
Stick, stick with glue~


Kiddies Lamb Project
Full concentration~


Kiddies Lamb Project

  • Glue a paper eye onto the thumb print. Tie ribbon into a bow and trim excess. Glue onto “neck” area.

Kiddies Lamb Project


Kiddies Lamb Project
We learned about “Sheep and Lamb” on that day! We also sang “Mary had a little lamb” and “Baa baa black sheep” *kiddies holding their lil lamb while listening to my stories*

  • Be sure to write the child’s name, age and the year the project was created on the back of the construction paper.

Kiddies Lamb Project
Our kiddies given name to their little lamb as their own choosing 😉

p/s: Lil YunaFi-cHan didn’t join us due to down with fever *poor lil Yuna, our prayer for you lil baby*


May you enjoy craft time with your toddler! *hugs* 😉

Gambatte ne mommies! God bless!

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27. March 2008 by MamaFiza
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  1. Mamafiza,

    Kreatif betul u ni. Macam wan ni memang tak terfikir pasal benda ni. Yelah dulu seni ayik dapat c je.HeHe


  2. lamb kaler merah-pink mcm kiut gitu… hehehe…

  3. alahai cutenyer….cam roses lak!keep it up mamafiza dear!

  4. so creative…facial cotton bcome lamb… mbek..mbek…( does lamb sound like this ?? )the kiddies looked so happy&cheerful…

  5. Salam..dah lama follow blog mamafiza..tapi ni baru nak leave a comment..
    saya kagum betul usaha utk buat homeshcool ni…
    saya pun ada niat gak dullu nak buat tapi kena betul2 komited kalo nak buat..ini dgn keje lagi..Cumanya saya buat mana yg termampu je kat rumah tu..but alhamdulilah la..anak saya seperti anak mama fiza yg sulong tu.

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