How to Teach your Toddler Letter Recognition

Dear lovely mommies,

Young children are very aware of their surroundings and the language used to describe everyday objects and ideas.

You may help enhance your toddler’s awareness and recognition of letters by observing and building on your child’s play.

Below are some pictures of our alphabet project; Letter “C”:

Kiddies lil C
Letter C Doodles~


Kiddies lil C
Peace yo!: KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan


Kiddies lil C
Glue, glue, glue~


Kiddies lil C
Letter C for c-a-r 😉 *finished their craft time*


Kiddies lil C
Tadaa~ Wall of Fame!


Let share some of tips on “How to Teach your Toddler Letter Recognition“:

Things You’ll Need

  • Alphabet Mats
  • Alphabet Games
  • Alphabet Letters
  • Alphabet Stampers
  • Toy – Number And Alphabet Foam Mat or Blocks
  • Step 1Observe your toddler at play.
    Your toddler will begin to recognize that letters are everywhere, on objects and toys in your house.
    Grab onto the teachable moment by explaining to your child the significance of letters.
  • Step 2: Read with your child every day.
    There is no better way to teach children what letters are and how they form words than by reading.
  • Step 3: Make a poster with the alphabet on it.
    Use lower case letters to start with. Tape the poster to a wall in a room where your child often plays.
    Refer to the poster when you observe your child noticing letters.
    Say things like, “I see an “a” or “b” or “c” or….”
    Point to the poster and show your child the letter you are talking about.
  • Step 4: Play “spot the letters” game.
    Point out letters you see when you are driving, shopping or taking a walk.
    Point to signs when you are driving and shopping in a store.
    There are letters everywhere in your neighborhood.
    Point them out to your toddler, and praise your toddler for pointing out letters to you.
  • Step 5: Buy toys that have letters on them.
    Puzzles, toy phones, alphabet mats, books – the list is endless.
    Think about your child’s education as well as entertainment when you buy toys.
    Toys that allow your toddler to actually touch and feel the shape and curvature of letters will help your toddler notice the physical differences between letters.
  • Step 6: Discuss the letters on toys and make up silly games to play with them.
    Take a soft foam letter and throw it in the air.
    Scream the name of the letter when you throw it up.
    Anything you do when you are playing to draw attention to letters will enhance your child’s letter recognition skills.
  • Step 7: Make your own alphabet slideshow/CD with your computer software (Microsoft Power Point or Microsoft Word).
    Use your child’s favorite pictures together with the alphabet slide to grab their interest.
    You may also play Elmo’s Online ABC’s Game.


  • Praise your toddler often for trying to recall letters. Remember that your child is learning a new skill. Don’t be critical of mistakes.
  • Purchase an educational video about letters for your toddler to watch. There are some great ones out there.
  • When you are coloring, draw letters and name them as you draw them.
  • If your child recognizes a letter but gives it the wrong name, correct your child by saying something like, “Yes, I see a W. You are good at pointing out letters.”
  • Show your toddler the differences and similarities of the letters M and W by turning them upside down over and over again while saying, “Now it’s an M, now it’s a W”.
  • Your toddler will have a short attention span. Don’t force a toddler to continue a game if he or she wants to move to something else.
  • Engage your toddler in learning while you are playing. Trying to get your child to sit down and listen to a lesson about letters will prove frustrating to you and the child.


Gambatte ne dearest mommies!

May Allah swt always help your journey in educating your lil bundle of joy with love. Amin~

Best of luck 😉

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  1. Salam…how about phonics system? r u using this method to ur children?

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