Science for Toddler: Bean Seed Experiments

I always agree that toddlers are natural scientists, questioning the world around them and looking for answers 😉

As a mother, we could actually tap into this curiosity by providing fun ways for toddlers to learn and experiment.

Plants are a great way for toddlers to learn and experiment.

They can get big results from performing simple experiments and will continue to question and explore the world around them.

Early success in scientific endeavors will provide children with a life long confidence to question, experiment and learn.

Since most of these experiments can be done using items you already have, you can turn your home into a science lab for your toddler.


Let the learning begin!

A lil bit of explanation for your lil toddler:

Each seed has within it, the potential to become a plant and produce more seeds.
How does a seed know how to become a carrot and not a marigold, or a sunflower and not a cucumber?
Seeds will turn into plants that are just like the plant they came from, or their “parent.”
Each parent plant gives it’s baby seeds all the information they need to grow into a plant just like them.

Green Beans Team!
Green Beans Team!

What and how?

Seeds also know which direction is up. You can prove this by experimenting with germination.

Materials You’ll Need

  • clear glass jars
  • paper towels or facial cottons
  • bean seeds or dried beans (we used green bean seeds)
  • water

    Green Beans!
    Tha first moment~

Step by step guide

  • Introduce your toddler about green beans.

    Green Beans!
    Show n tell~

  • Line glass jars with several layers of paper towel or facial cottons.

    KiruaMi-cHan in lab~

    ReiHi-cHan in lab~

  • Ask your toddler to place 5 or 6 dried beans in each jar, next to the glass so you can see their progress as they germinate.
  • Fill the jar half-way up with water. Keep the paper towel moist with water, and after about a week, your toddler’s seeds should start to germinate.

    Green Beans! Green Beans!
    Let ’em moist!

    Green Beans Team!
    With their very own specimen~

  • Put “name label” at your lil toddler jar

    Kiddies Tags
    A lil label~

  • Teach your toddler to take daily record on the progress of your bean seeds (drawing, taking pictures).

    Green Beans!
    Day 1!

    Green Beans Team!

  • Remind your toddler to make sure those beans get enough supply of water, air, sunlight and love!

    Green Beans!
    Grow with love~


  • You might help your kiddies to keep a science journal where they can draw pictures of what their bean seeds look like every few days.
  • After the beans have grown their second set of leaves, you can plant your bean plants in some soil filled pots and continue experimenting with them.

: The part of the plant that is growing up is called a “shoot” and the part that is growing down is called the “root.


Hope your toddler gonna love this project too 😉

May Allah swt always give the best to your family. Amin~

Gambatte, gambatte ne!

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  1. ohoho..kacang ijau..project dajah 4 ku…ahaha..bgs la mereka buat lebih awal~!

  2. Salaams..
    I know this is not pertaining the science topic… I just wanna check if you know where I can get arabic / Iqra flash cards for my 19mth old toddler…I read your on How to Guide your baby to love reading Quran. Thanks for the tips.

    Jazakillah Khairan
    Ummi Little Habib

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