Foods Galore Months

Just a lil update on our home-school festive on last November 2007 till January 2008.

Gratefully, my hubby and kiddies loves to guzzle heterogeneity of meals. *alhamdulillah*

We rarely eat rice in our daily nourishment since our first met till nowadays.

For our family kitchen’s “Food Galore Months“, my kiddies plead for selections of food from different continent.

They not just learned the new flavour, spices and tastes; they also been taught about the history & details on countries of the peculiar foods.

Below are some of the pictures of our homemade meal:

  • Breakfast:

Our Breakfast
Potato scramble egg, bread mixed with baked beans & Bombay onions

Our Breakfast
Macaroni & Creamy Cheese

Our Breakfast
The ingredients to make macaroni & creamy cheese~

Our Breakfast
Garlic Cheese Roll

Our Breakfast
More pics on our garlic cheese roll


Our Breakfast
Spaghetti Bolognese, Macaroni & Cheese with sausage

Kiddies Breakfast
Veggies snack

Our Breakfast
Cekodok? Cucur kodok?


  • Lunch:


Our Lunch
Grilled Butter Chicken with Butter Rice


Full version of our Grilled Butter Chicken


Our Lunch
The gravy and butter rice


Our Lunch
Chicken & Tomato with Butter Rice


Our Lunch
Tomato’s gravy


Our Lunch
Chicken curry & Fried Chicken (both Mamak’s style)


Our Lunch
Fried Chicken (Mamak’s style)


Our Lunch
Chicken Rice (Hainan’s style)


Our Lunch
Chicken Rice soup, dipping sauce; chili paste & soy sauce paste


  • Dinner:


Our Dinner
Chicken Butter (Indian style), Potato & Fried Dried Fish and Fried Veggies

Our Dinner
Grilled Chicken with Honey



  • Snack:


Moist Chocolate Cake
Moist Chocolate Cake

Our Snack
Tambosa Turkey



  • Take-Away Foods:


Our Snack
J.CO donuts! Bought by my lil bro; Pdost, at Pavillion, KL


Sate Hj Samuri
Sate Haji Samuri at Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


The End.


Let’s share your story about your family homemade meals too 😉

May Allah swt always blessed you and best regards to your cuddly family. Amin~


My Family
My dearie family~


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20. January 2008 by MamaFiza
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  2. Yea, kita geng! We invested our saving in a big peti ais to stock food for our troop. Prepared spaghetti sauce both spaghetti and lasagne and freeze them. Baked chicken and ribs and freeze the broth. Stocking on milk and cereal. And lotsa fruits. Pita bread with grilled chicken bits and salad.

    We train our kiddos to eat ‘jamaah’ – using one round tray. Family bonding and Umie doesn’t need to wash lots of dishes. Yeehaaw!

    Now tengah pantang… eating regime tergendala sebentar (alasan!).

  3. so yummy!
    post sikit bleh???hehehehee

  4. MAMAFIZA SANGAT HEBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MASAKKAN UTK KU JUGA!!!!

  5. mamafiza, so here you are! been wondering why lama tak jln.. keep on sharing & writing! yummy – the food looks delicious.. do share the recipes sometimes 🙂

  6. wow…. nyum2….. my hakimi too suka sgt spaghetti…

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  9. mamafiza ur such a wonderful women….your recipes look yummy…how to get the recipes from u…i love to try that…

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