2008 Home Blessing Schedule

If you ever wonder how life will changes when you change your faith to accept home-schooling ritual in your family?

Yes it will completely transmute you to be more self-discipline; mentally & physically 😉

Anyway, transformation from good to better and a lot more in the future will be something that you probably don’t want to miss, right?

Apart from that, I do believe that we do need some refreshment to build a healthy mind.

Oh yes, together with this post, I attached our homeschool’s Home Blessing Schedule 2008.

Cleaning up with baby and toddler were the peak of funniest moment, indeed! 😀

Clean Up Day
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~ Albert Einstein


Home Blessing (Family Day) Schedule:

Daily Checklist :
Do throughout the day and with Papa, Mama, kiddies.

  • Cull/ toss old mags, paper ~ 10 minutes
  • Vacuum/Sweep all rooms (night before sleep)
  • Wipe dusty furniture ~ 15 minutes
  • Laundry
  • Measuring weight and height (once per week)


Monday :
Zone Cleaning (Home School)

  • Spend time clean up in home-school zone
  • Make weekly menus
  • Clean Refrigerator


Tuesday :
Zone Cleaning (partial Desk Day)

  • Garbage Day
  • Finish zone cleaning chores
  • Remainder weekly cleaning
  • Clean windows


Wednesday :
Grocery & Errand Day

  • Make sure menus are planned
  • Double check grocery list/ Buying Time
  • Online Bill Payment/ Post Office Matters
  • Buy gifts / cards / home-school goods
  • Empty trash put out (evening)


Thursday :
Work in Yard Day & Home-school Preparation

  • Wash linens
  • Yard work
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Mops floor
  • Organize home-school week


Friday :
The Lords Day/ Rest

  • Put out garbage


Saturday :
File & Papers Day

  • Write letters & cards
  • Clean out purse
  • Budget listing /Billing record
  • Pet care
  • Clean laundry room


Sunday :

  • Family Day/ Play Time @ Rest


The End 😉

May you have a gratifying day. Cleaning up is a bless.

p/s: You may download the PDF format of the above timetable by clicking; here!

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  1. saya pun tak termampu jadik cam fiza…..supermom….

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