2008 Bedtime Stories Daily Plan

Children genuinely love story.

In my own experienced, my babies and kiddies tend to react more lively every time I told them any story.

They got something “extraordinary looks” on their face when I announced “Alright kiddies, time for stories“. *each time, and never changes*

Since childhood, I love to read and telling stories. I can hardly imagine a life without a single story.

Below, I attached our homeschool’s 2008 Bedtime Stories Plan.

You might used them as one of your planner guide in story-telling 😉

Bedtime Stories
Only a life lived for others is a life worth while ~ Albert Einstein


Bedtime Stories Daily Plan :

Monday :

  • Historical / Cultures stories


Tuesday :

  • Scientific stories


Wednesday :

  • Fairy Tales stories / Nursery Rhymes


Thursday :

  • Quran’s based / Prophets, Prophet’s family and friends stories


Friday :

  • Silly Funny Stories with Moral Values


Saturday :

  • Kiddies undertake in story telling (Any stories, created their own stories on the spot)


Sunday :

  • Imaginative Stories

(Mama compiles super natural, heroes, etc, based on kiddies favorites character)


The End 😉

Wish you all the best in creating creative story telling time for your precious kiddy. Amin~

p/s: You may download the PDF format of the bedtime stories daily plan by clicking; here!

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16. January 2008 by MamaFiza
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  1. My daughter is only 1 year++. I already read to her some simple stories but truly I do not know whether the stories it is ok for her age. MamaFiza, do share some tips!Oh by the way, if the children is not at the same age. (lets say like yours) how to select a story that is interesting for all ages?

  2. saya pun selalu read to my son…my son baru 1 year ++…mesti mamafiza ada byk koleksi story books kan

  3. There’s a new Malay bedtime story book titled “Bacakan Saya Satu Cerita” published by PTS publication. It has more than 150 short stories. Want to check it out?

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