AidilAdha 2007 Birthday’s Event

Late night before AidilAdha 2007 my kiddies requested for their Year-End Birthday Party.

The wishing kiddies


OMG, it’s already 9 pm and we had nothing left at home for those quick-witted preparation.

Together with our kiddies, my hubby and I dashed to:

  • Yummy Bakery‘s shop to grab brownie ingredients
  • bought balloons & lil birthday masks, whistles and hats
  • snatched some crackers, chocolates plus candies at Billion Shopping Mall, Bangi PKNS. *really zippy thingy yo*

After dinner, our kiddies *yes, including lil YunaFi-cHan* were helping me packed birthday’s goodies. (11 pm to 12 midnight!)

We practiced our counting while loaded things up.

Getting ready~


My KiruaMi-cHan, our caring photographer; The King, my beloved grandma, my lil bro Is and his best-cousin Ridhuan.


My lil sis, Mea; busily tied up all the balloons, thank you so much dear! Our prayer for the event and the rest of the family.

With one of my closest uncles; Pak Long. He so sweet and even helping me to climb out high just to put on those birthday pinky balloons! Pictures of my beloved grandma, Pak Long, Mak Long and me; making jokes and laughing*


Birthday kiddies: ReiHi-cHan and KiruaMi-cHan


Birthday’s brownies *yatta*

KiruaMi-cHan lend me a hand at 4 am, before Subuh prayer to baked the above Chewy Gooey Yummy Brownies.

Inspired by my cyber world pal: Miss Anamiraa and superb recipe from Miss Erna whom owned brownies online business *best seller* 😀

Didn’t manage to make fancy topping for the brownies or even sweet icing decoration for my kiddies due to limit of time *gomen ne* 🙁

Nevertheless, it turn out very well at the party. Most of my cousins can’t resisted an offer for choc brownies.

My lil sister: Miss meamizuno said that our lil brother, Mr Daus love it so much and even shared ’em with his besties; Miss Rachael, whom just arrived a couple of days before from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to Subang, KL.


One of my closest uncle; Pak Uda, read prayer and even sang birthday song for my kiddies! *lovely*


The End of the party~


Thank you so much everyone! May you have a great new year. Amin~ 😉

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20. December 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. what a really nice party! really regret i didnt come that day T_T

  2. ye ku ada mengajak mu hari ito~!

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