How to Cherish a Good Manners Baby

Have been tackled this situation before? Believe me, Rome wasn’t built in a day. *yes*

Same goes to well behavior. Good manners are noticed instantly.

But how do you pass this on to your baby and toddler?

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Below are some of tips on how to raise a good mannered child, that I’d learned from our homeschool family practiced *alhamdulillah* and via reading on the Internet and books:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Patience
  • Repetition


  • Step 1: Mom’s Prayer
    Make one’s devotion every single day for your baby. Pray for smooth sailing journey for the rest of their life. Have a great faith.
  • Step 2: Role Model
    Behave as you would like your baby to behave. Make sure you’re behaving in a way you would like your child to emulate. Thank your child for passing items to you or putting things away. Make sure you include the word “please” in any request.
  • Step 3: Calmness
    Wait until proper manners are used before providing the child with what they want. If your child says, “Can I have some milk?” You might say, “Please try again” until they remember the all-important “please.” Avoid simply passing the milk to the child, remember that the delay and repetition teaches the child to use polite words every time.
  • Step 4: Compliment
    Praise their efforts. Children thrive on positive reinforcement. Be sure to praise your child if you notice her using her good manners without prompting.
  • Step 5: Keep In Mind
    Reinforce the need for proper manners prior to a social event. If you’ve got plans for a special birthday dinner for a grandparent or you’re on your way to a party, take a moment to remind your children that they must use their good manners; see if they can provide you with examples of what that might mean. This way, you won’t be steaming by the time the event ends.
  • Step 6: Reliable
    Be consistent. Make sure that you are always expecting good manners. Don’t accept the rudeness that occasionally creeps up, especially when your toddler is with his friends. You’ll be surprised to realize that those children will also respond politely once they see your child being politely guided to proper behavior.
  • Step 7: Realistic
    Be reasonable. A tired, cranky child is unlikely to have the capacity to use all of her good manners. Or any at all. Don’t expect a frustrated child to use her manners or you will both end up even more frustrated.

Wish ya all the best mommies. May Allah swt bless your day. Amin~ 😉

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