How to Nature Walk with Baby and Toddler

Yesterday, we brought our kiddies to playground at Taman Tasik Cempaka, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. *alhamdulillah*

Usually we brings them for a nature walk, 4 times per weeks. Exploring different areas and textures.

Below are some of our pictures:

Just Arrived!
Just arrived, still hot even at 5.30 pm!

In our last visited, I had introduced my kiddies to red ixora flowers, telling them about my childhood experienced on how I sipped the nectar from the flower *uh oh!* and facts in science.

But guess, what? Today we found: tadaaaa~

Pink Ixora
We spotted pink ixora!


After that, we played soccer game together *yay*. I’m still kicking dou’ *lol*

Ant House
KiruaMi-cHan found an ant-house while playing soccer game.


Soccer Game
Our family soccer game; includes me – but now I must take their pic ^_-

Candid: KiruaMi-cHan


Candid! Candid!
Candid: The King and I


Sadly, I am the one whom forgot to charge our camera’s battery. Not yet take candid pic for ReiHi-cHan and YunaFi-cHan 🙁 *uh oh, I must remember this next time!*

Oh yes, let me share some of interesting things to do with your baby and toddler by nature walk which I digested from my own practiced and tips from the Internet:

Starting to build community at home is just as important as reaching out to your neighbors.

Children who grow up with a positive togetherness based experience are more likely to give back positive to their community and world at large.

Today, why not take a nature walk?

If your toddler don’t see the community, they sure won’t care about building a better and stronger community.

You can start taking your kids on nature walks when they’re tiny little babies.

You might think a baby won’t enjoy a nature walk but I’ve seen a complete change in babies when you get them outside in the fresh air.

They open their eyes a little wider, look around, and move their faces to feel the wind on their cheeks.

You and your baby and older children can try the following:

  • Walk in the rain, the sun, the clouds.
  • Jump in puddles and even (gasp) roll mud through your kids fingers.
  • Look for birds; get a bird book and try to name some.
  • Feel the various textures of plants and flowers.
  • Look for little ants on tree bark.
  • Lay in the grass and watch the clouds change shape.
  • Run, sing, and connect with nature *it’s totally fun!*

Get outside for a nature break at least once a day. It will do you both good and grow a nature interest in your little from day one.

May you have a great day with your family. God bless! 😉


p/s: on the way we went back home, PaPa just wanted to surprise us!

He brought us to Fish Shop and bought a new pet! *yatta*

PaPa asked us to choose 4 of ’em; as 1 each for KiruaMi, ReiHi, YunaFi and new baby *inside tummy; which our kiddies called – Hideaki*

There were; Neon Tetra fishes, orange color. Our kiddies named those as; Nemo, Elmo, Sumo, Tomo 😀


New Pet; Fish
Our new pet; Neon Tetra fishes!

New Pet; Fish
After feeding fish food!


Cost to care of Neon Tetra fish:

Fish Tank Set (fish tank, fish food, pebbles, lil plants, chlorine) : MYR 22.00
Fish (neon tetra type) :  MYR 1.00 each

Our total spend: MYR 26.00
Result: Bundles of joys from our  beloved kiddes! PRICELESS!

I justed surf the Internet, today’s morning, on tips how to take care of Neon Tetra fishes plus details about those lovely fishes. *gonna tell my kiddies touching on this matter today! yay!*

I even took video of those fishes for them *cheers*.

Will update about this soon; need a lil time due to require PaPa‘s help on editing the vids.

Take great care all *ja ne* 😀


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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

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  1. I missed reading your entries! Great to read your posts again. And about nature walks, it’s been a while since we last did that as a family. We usually go window shopping during weekends. This week, we’ll be sure to take our son out!! Maybe we’ll bump into you guys at Tmn Tasik Cempaka;)

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Rina, thank you so much for still remembering me. Wish you were in the pink of health 😉 *uh oh never had experienced window shopping* Please enjoy your weekends with your bundle of joy baby *yay* Yea maybe we’ll encounter you there! Please send my best hugs n kisses for ur lil baby. Have a sweet day ya!

  2. I brought my #2 – Arif to Tasik @ Uniten few weeks back. Sepanjang jalan dia dok bising – Air bu.. air.. hehehe.. ada banyak pokok, tapi takde bunga la pulak..

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Yan, thank you so much for your sweet feedback. Wahh seronoknya lil Arif *yay* Never been there, Insya-Allah boleh la lepas ni nak jalan2 ke sana. FYI, b4 this we don’t have any family transportation. Please do take care of ur health, send my hugs n kisses to ur 3 lovely boys *yatta* May Allah swt bless you. Amin~

  3. mamafiza, glad to have you writing again – keep up the good work! been reading your blog for quite awhile and benefitting from them, thanks for sharing 🙂 oh, and congrats on the coming your fourth child.. you are such a super mama!

    another nearby place i like to go is taman tasik cyberjaya (near mmu). have you been there?

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Mynie, thank you so much for your support and love. Really appreciate it 😀 Thanks again for your sweet wish. May Allah swt reward the best for your family. Amin~

    Uh oh, I studied in MMU CJ last 2002, however never bring my kiddies there due to we didn’t owned any family transportation b4 this. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll try to go there a.s.a.p *yay* Have a good day!

    p/s: my kiddies love KLCC park deeply

  4. Fiza, feel so embarrassed reading your entry this time.. Both of us are too bz day by day…. did not have much time for nature walk. May be we should start something this week!

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Marisa, jgn bersedih ok? Tak mengapa, what if started from today, you tried to make schedule for your kiddies? I’m sure they gonna love it! 😉 20-30 mins, 2 times per week, sudah memadai *cheers*

    Believe me, when we’re having fun, we totally forgot about TIME. As long they will get their quality time with their beloved mother. Gambatte ne! I always pray for you, Amin~

  5. ohh..ikan yg comel..hokhok

    mamafiza: Ya si comel Miss meamizuno, thank you so much for ur visited 😉 Jemputlah ke rumah kami sambil bermain dgn our new pet *yay*

  6. mamafiza,

    Hai KiruaMi, ReiHi, YunaFi and HideaKi(Coming soon). Wow! Ur mama is not like mother with 3 kids… slim n solid….excellento!!! heheh…

    Almost everyday noon(after back frm works) i will bring alya for nature walk just in front of my house… playing ball… main kejar-kejar…meeting people…hai sana hai sini….

    mamafiza: Dearest Miss Afni 😉 You always brighten my days with your sugary words.

    Ish ish tidaklah begitu..saya sudah ada 3 kiddies, pasti nampak mcm “mama-mama”. Teringin nak try style western/Japanese celebrity mommies *ahha ha ha*, tapi tak apalah jika ada rezeki baru cuba krn my priority is my hubby and kiddies 😀

    Ya, pasti lil Alya love it the MOST *congratz n hugs*. Salute ur quality time. Bila ya nak bawa lil Alya play with our kids? *nge he he*

    May you’ve a great day. Amin~ I’ll always pray for your happiness *ja ne*

  7. mm..blh try ni bwk baby aisyah jln2 kt taman. Dpan umah kami jln raya, blkg umah sket bru ada tman. Blk je umah asyik dok berkurung unless bla dpt blk kg. But i do agree, baby mmg suka t,mpt bru, new things to explore.. 🙂

    mamafiza: Dear Miss mirah, thank you so much for your comment 🙂 *high-5* Yes, they absolutely love it! Enjoy ya outing!

  8. “Bila ya nak bawa lil Alya play with our kids? *nge he he* ”

    Noted. I will pray for this. Believe me! one day we will meet.
    Sg Buloh and Sg Ramal maybe from the same river…ahaksss….
    Emmmuahhhhssss for ur kidos and **five** to mama.

    mamafiza: Insya-Allah, let us pray together *yay* I’m so thrilled! 😉

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