How to teach Baby to Talk

It is the ultimate FUN 😉

My sweet kiddies
KiruaMi-cHan n ReiHi-cHan


Both KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan started talking at a very early age *Alhamdulillah*.By the time they were one year old, they knew about more than 50 words and could put three or four together to create simple sentences.

Everyone was always so surprised to hear such a young baby talk so plainly. Yet, several people asked me how I had been able to teach him so many words.

But please bear in mind; all babies are different, and each one will learn at his or her own pace.

Those new babbling sounds may not seem like much in the way of language, but if you listen with a sensitive ear, you will hear your baby trying to imitate sounds that you make back to you.

Below are some of the tips which I’d learned from my past experienced with my kiddies and via Internet:

  • Read Read Read
    I started reading and talking to my baby while I was pregnant with my baby. When the first I found out I was pregnant, I got some encyclopedia book to read to my unborn child. I didn’t stop there, if I was reading the Al-Furqan, online newspaper or a magazine I read that out loud, too *Confession: I’m addicted to read any labels that I’d found*. My kiddies he will not go to bed without a bedtime story.
  • Encourage Your Baby
    Even if your baby isn’t forming any real words yet, let your baby know he/she is doing a great job when he/she starts making a new sound. It’s great when people appreciate the things you do. Babies thrive on attention so they will keep trying to please you and eventually start saying real words. When they finally do get those precious words out, clap or cheer for them. Do what makes your baby happy. He/she deserves all that good attention when he/she reaches such a big accomplishment. *hugs n kisses*
  • Don’t Push Too Hard
    It’s tempting to sit in front of baby and repeatedly ask him to “Say Mama, say Mama,” but this usually doesn’t work *don’t try this at home if you’re the one whom easy to get tantrum*. Baby gets bored of listening to you repeat the same two words over and over without really meaning anything. He/she will eventually start tuning you out. If he/she does actually repeat the words, he probably doesn’t really know what he is saying, he is just imitating his favorite person.
  • Can You Repeat That Please?
    It’s no surprise that many babies learn words such as mama, dada, and no-no first. They hear these words all the time, especially if the parents refer to themselves in the third person. Make them feel related.
  • Hold Conversations
    I held “conversations” with my kiddies from the time they first started babbling. I would explain what I was doing and then ask him/her a question. If they babbled an answer, I would agree with him/her and thank him/her for his/her input. As they started learning more and more real words, I would use the same words in my response and we would start to have real conversations. Hearing the word repeated several times in the conversation would also allow my baby to work on his/her pronunciation. *never give up*
  • Talk About It
    When baby starts saying new words, explain what the words mean. Sometimes baby hears a word a lot but might not know exactly what it is. Just add more fun to your daily conversation with your baby.
  • Follow Baby’s Lead
    Some babies start babbling at only three or four months old or even younger, others wait until they are around a year old. Your baby will start whenever he/she is ready to. Don’t try to force your baby to start earlier, he/she is probably busy working on another skill. Give your baby time, and he will start talking on his own.

My personal tips: How I communicate with my babies? I talked to them like I am talking to an adult. However, I treat them in their daily life as a baby.

YunaFi dream Ride
YunaFi-cHan also want to try the ride! *sad face*

All the best mommies 😉

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  1. thanks for this great tips! arina is quite a talker too. must’ve got it from her brothers and sisters! 😉

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Anamiraa, thank you so much for your affectionate comment. I bet your lil Arina is totally brilliant baby girl 😉 Can’t wait to see her! Please send her my best kisses ^_-

  2. thank u dear mamafiza…

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Lovebaby, you’re always welcome 😉 *salute* May you have a sweet day. My kisses to lil Akif!

  3. best bukak blog fiza ni… very informative.

    mamafiza: Dear Miss marisa, thank you so much for your captivating comment. Miss you so much 😉 May Allah swt bless you and your cutie pie babies. Amin~

  4. “Both KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan started talking at a very early age *Alhamdulillah*.By the time they were one year old, they knew about more than 50 words and could put three or four together to create simple sentences.”

    Amazing!My danish only noe 1 word,which is ayah,but i noe he understands lots of word.Because he can follow my command.

    mamafiza: Dear Miss ma_danish, wish ya a great day 🙂 Don’t ya worry, Insya-Allah he’ll be talking soon. Just give him his own time, support him by telling him more stories and one-to-one communication. Gambatte ne! I will always pray for you. Amin~

  5. Tq so much for the such informative and fantastic tips….I am still learning. Hope to see more idea from you soon.

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