Promising Literacy with Toddler: Take Your Toddler to the Library

This event took part on Nov 12, 2007.

We brought our kiddies to Bandar Baru Bangi Library (as known as Hulu Langat Library, Selangor Darul Ehsan).

It had been for a long time we didn’t drop by the place since last August due to we spent more time together painting our new home (transforming old house to our playful crib) *alhamdulillah*.

Below are the pics that we had taken:

Guiding my kiddies at library Guiding my kiddies at library

Exploring our new knowledge hand by hand *2nd pics: it seems that those kiddies also eager to join us*


Guiding my kiddies at library

Helping my lil princess to read her book


Kimy favorite book

KiruaMi-cHan with his favorite book; What Are You So Grumpy About?


Karu favorite book

ReiHi-cHan was sooo thrilled to scrutinize the library


PaPa also too busy on focusing his reading material *oh YunaFi-cHan too sleepy on that day*
Papa n Yuna


Experts agree that spending time with books is a key component of developing literacy. The more exposure children have to books and reading programs, the more quickly and easily they learn to read.

By taking your toddler to the library on a regular basis, you can begin building the foundation of his or her reading education before they even begin attending school.

Here are some tips from Adrienne Backus that I learned to help our library outings go more smoothly and produce the maximum educational benefit for my family and your child:

  1. Meet the librarian. Before you take your child to the library, pay a solo visit to the children’s room. Introduce yourself to the librarian and explain that you would like to begin introducing your child to the library. He or she will be happy to help you select the most age-appropriate books and programs for your child. While you’re there, pick up a flyer detailing the times and themes of the regular story times.
  2. Prepare your child. Watch a video or read a book about going to the library *simply search at YouTube*. Talk about how the library is a quiet place and discuss proper library behavior with your child. Model “inside voices” and “outside voices” and talk about where each is appropriate. Explain how to handle books properly by not ripping pages, turning down corners or coloring in them.
  3. Make a trial visit. Before you start attending regular story time, pay a short visit to the children’s room with your child. Introduce your child to the librarian and let the librarian help your child select one or two books. You may want to ask the librarian to help you reinforce what you’ve already discussed with your child about behavior and proper care of books. *mamafiza: I do introduce my kiddies to librarian*
  4. Going to story time. If possible, choose a story time when your child will be rested and well fed. Hungry, tired children will not be able to concentrate. Most libraries require that you remain with your child at story time so make the most of it! Sit with your child and model the behavior you expect. If your child gets rambunctious, give one or two quiet warnings and then, if he or she does not settle down, leave and try again another day. It may take a few tries before your child understands what is expected.

Make visiting the library at least a monthly event! Spending just an hour reading together or attending a story hour can have an incredible impact on your child’s early literacy and establish good reading habits for a lifetime.

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  1. anak2 mu mmg sgt meminati buku2..itu ku sgt tahu..haha

    mamafiza: Uh oh terima kasih Miss meamizuno krn sudi bertandang ke sini 😉 ya habis buku2 mu mahu dibawa balik. Maaf ya!

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