Funny Jokes from KiruaMi-cHan

My hubby had funny chinwag conversation with KiruaMi-cHan when he tried to teach our son to play chess via computer.

I am not there with them, just heard from next door *the door is wide open* while BF my daughter ReiHi-cHan and lil baby YunaFi-cHan (oh yes, I used to tandem nursing all my kiddies, Alhamdulillah).

But then, I burst out laughed within seconds.

Funny chit-chat from PaPa the King with the Prince:

PaPa: Kirua, this is “Chess” game. This game name “Chess”

KiruaMi: Chess.

PaPa: Very good.

PaPa: OK, this one we called it Queen. This one is King and this one is the “Horse”.

KiruaMi: *replied quickly* PaPa, where’s the Cat?

PaPa: *gasp*

PaPa: Oh, it’s a Knight.


Me: *the one whom don’t know how to play chess at all* LoL!

Father n the brood
my true love ^_-

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30. November 2007 by MamaFiza
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