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He sounds more beautiful than me *of course I admit that I can’t sing at all*…heck more beautiful than any girl I have ever heard.


Nick is Miss RiceBunny‘s talented classmate and he wants to make it to Broadway, and if you vote for him his dreams can come true!


If you do not believe me watch this clip of him singing….he is amazing.

Sounds just like an angel. You would think he was a beautiful girl!



All you have to do is click this link. No signing up or anything, instant voting!



Singing – Part Of Your World: Little Mermaid





Little Mermaid

If you vote for him, Miss RiceBunny will ask him to make a video of him singing A Whole New World, which she heard is amazing!



What a wonderful creation of Allah swt! *tears*


p/s: I made my kiddies listened to his voice, they love it so much and showed me their bright happy face.

Why don’t you tell your kids/babies/toddlers too? 😉

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29. November 2007 by MamaFiza
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