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For the last 4 months, I had bumped into new young inspirational blogger; RiceBunny.

She is so young (younger than me, she is 20 years old – same age as my little sister, instead my lil sister told me about her, thanks a lot meamizuno!). Pure Taiwanese. Live in Florida, United States.

What makes her different to me? I felt in love with her strong spirits, endeavor her talent plus kind heart.

Even-though she came from rich family, but she decide to do her own work to pay for her life *salute*.

On her blog, she teaches people to look great and doing good things. *oh yes, she’s not just a normal geek, she’s a superb model *can’t take my eyes of her*, illustrator, a student, an ultimate gamer!

I do learn a lot from her writings. May Allah swt gave the best as reward to her.

Before I forgot, for the above tittle: she had donated her hair for Locks of Love; for needs.

RiceBunny; My Idol
Miss RiceBunny a.k.a Michelle Phan

I am so excited when get to know this organization, I tried on goggling the Internet about donating hair in Malaysia, sadly I can hardly find one.

I decide to donate my hair for those kids; hoping the could gain confident in daily life. I had told my hubby about this plan and he totally agreed with me.

I felt sad due to didn’t know about this earlier because of since I married with him, I had cut my hair for 3 times with lengths of more than 25 inches.

*I grow out my hair for the first time for someone I love, hubby dubby because in my childhood days I love to cut it short for better care and study purpose – yay I cut my hair monthly! -, second times; for KiruaMi-cHan, third times for ReiHi-cHan, fourth times – this time for YunaFi-cHan and Locks of Love, Insya-Allah 😉 *

Me and my YunaFi
me and my YunaFi-cHan ^_-


Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide help to restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.

Locks of Love

Mission Statement

Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.


Locks of Love is devoted to helping every child suffering from medical hair loss, thus we do not discriminate as to the cause of hair loss. We list the following information in an attempt to explain types of hair loss and specific needs of individual recipients.


Our largest number of children live with alopecia. Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that causes the hair follicles to shut down. This disease has varying degrees and affects 4.7 million people in the United States alone. Alopecia areata affects both sexes equally and may, but does not always, progress to significant hair loss. Currently, there is no known cause or cure for alopecia. The degrees of alopecia are as follows:

* Alopecia Areata Ophiasis-loss in bands along the scalp margins
* Alopecia Areata Sisaipho-loss of all scalp hair except along the scalp margins
* Alopecia Totalis-loss of all scalp hair
* Alopecia Universalis-loss of all scalp and body hair

Cancer constitutes the second highest percentage of our recipients. Every year approximately 2,200 children under age 20 are diagnosed with brain tumors. Radiation treatment to the brain stem as a treatment for cancer can cause permanent hair loss. Chemotherapy may also cause hair loss to be long-term depending on the length of treatment needed.

Other causes of hair loss account for a small percentage of our recipients.

* Ectodermal Dysplasia-A heritable disorder that affects the formation of the ectoderm. Extremely sparse hair can be a result of ectoderm abnormality.
* Loose Anagen Syndrome-An abnormality where hair is thin and normally does not grow beyond the nape of the neck.
* Trichotillomania-Compulsive and repetitive hair pulling.
* Telogen Effluvium-Diffuse but excessive shedding related to sudden stress.
* Trauma-burns, accidents, dog attacks, etc.

Things You Should Know:

Locks of Love is not a manufacturer of any type of hair replacement product or hair care product. As a charity and strictly a charity, we must purchase the custom prostheses we provide for our recipients.

In no way is Locks of Love associated with or an affiliate of any for-profit hair replacement business. Furthermore, none of its employees or members of the Board of Directors is associated with any company in the hair replacement or hair care industries.


Anyone out there would like to join me? *cheers*

Hopefully I could manage to complete this task on December 2008, this is my personal mission *due to my hair lengths now still not meet the requirement*

May you have a great day 😉

Lots of Love!

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