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Update: from Darul Izzah with love 😉

Orphanage kids; They are so special to me as my great grandma, my beloved grandma and my sweet mother always showed me to respect and caring for orphanage.

This is what I’m teaching my kiddies.

In my past days, I love to visit orphanage house with my colleague; MMU PBSM Club.

We spread our love and hope, sharing our knowledge with orphanage kids around Puchong, Selangor and Kajang, Selangor (Rumah KITA).

All of the house that I had visited were non-Muslim house.

I didn’t care about the religion or skin color, as for me; love is from anyone whom have a hand in everyone whom needed.

There, those kiddies sometimes asked me; Sister, are you a Chinese or an Indian?

(They confused about my race due to all my colleague are Chinese and Indian, except one; it’s me, a Malay girl)

I always replied; I’m none of them, I just a normal human being like you.

Their house were goodly occupied with lots of accommodation such as library, computers, study table for each one, bed, clothing, washing machines, refrigerator and field.

Alhamdulillah, I am happy for them.

We love to play soccer game together, fun games, painting and even more!

We teaches valuable morality for these kids. We just moved to our new studio last April 2007.

My mission is to find new orphanage house around the area that we could share our love.I managed to find; Darul Izzah.

A Muslim orphanage house.

Made my staff to call and tell them that I’ll be there at noon to share our foods.

My first time ever visit; I am truly sad!

The house were cluttered with dangerous stuff (looks like construction material), the place were messy and most of all; lack of facilities.

Those kids didn’t have computer, study table or even good place to study.

Poor them; the place even had smelly smells.

Why could this happen? Don’t ask me, ask yourself.

Think again, have we done any good for our community?

Yes, first do good to our family, seconds lend your hand to them. Please help this kids.

Think twice before you want to throw away any good furniture or books. Think about them.

Darul Izzah

Darul Izzah. My staff. Me. Care Worker.

On our first month at Darul Izzah, we treated those kiddies with KFC for lunch and I used my break-time to be with them; chit-chatting and they show me their interest in drawing comic -that’s my major in university.

They felt awkward on why on earth I know too much about comics, they even showed me their drawings and asked me to teach them.

Me & Darul Izzah

Me. Darul Izzah’s kiddies. My staff.

They thought I am Kaoru, a comic artis from Gempak & Starz, no I said, that’s my beloved friend, she’s so sweet and kind.

I just one of Gempak Cosplayer in 2003 😉

I’ll told Kaoru my visited.

My husband and I took all our own special collection of comics since year 1999 till 2004; Gempak, Starz & Utopia on our second month with KFC treats at Darul Izzah; we donated it for our love!

They were so happy and those comics looks totally new due to my strict rule of reading comic from my childhood days.

We also bought them a comfy book rack so that they could learn how to take care of those comics.

I met their care worker and told him to give the children to read those comics only on Saturday and Sunday.

I want them to excel in everything at the same time used their free time in good ways.

I know this because I am addicted for comics since the age of 8 till now.

I’ll do anything to read my comics, I kept my saving for comics (yep, I am one of Dragon Balls maniac in my primary school – even build special website for DB!), cut my meal to save every penny that I had.

I even cheated my teacher; she said “Fiza, you’re so hardworking gals, always do your revision in free time at class”, but she didn’t realize that actually I attached my comic inside my Science text book while I’m reading so that she couldn’t find out! *gosh, hope she didn’t read this post*

Comic is good due to it have pictures.

Kids tend to love pictures more than normal history books, it’s ok due to it will develop their craving for reading.

I told him that and about my home school activities.

I want him to be strong and believe that everything is possible for those kids.

He was shocked and thrilled about my kiddies (due to they got one; a 9 years old boys still didn’t know how to read, however KiruaMi-cHan could read at the age of 3). Alhamdulillah, I replied, but please don’t compared.

My kids can because they still have a mother. But what about those orphanage?

I’ll try my best to be one of their volunteer for teaching those kids in my next visit. Insya-Allah.

Now, after we obtained our own family car, it’s made us easy to bring our kiddies to orphanage places instead of using rental car.

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

27. August 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. Fiza,
    allah bless your kindred soul!!!

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Anamiraa, may Allah blessed your warm soul too. Amin~ 🙂

  2. MamaFiza, it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing, spreading your love and joy to those orphans! May Allah bless you!

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Arina Anan, thank you so much for ur lovely comment. I can’t bear to accept it by myself. It is a grant for you 😉 May Allah swt give the best to your beloved family too. Have a sweet life. Amin~

  3. mama,

    i’m speechless………..

    mamafiza: Thank you so much for your support and love Miss Afni 😀 you’re such a great pal!

  4. fiza,

    … if everyones think like u…

    mamafiza: Miss marisa! I miss you so much ^_- Thank you for ur visit. Insya-Allah, I’ll pray & hope there’s love in our souls to spare for those orphanage. Amin~

  5. fiza…
    it seem almost a year after ur 1st visit 2 darul izzah.i keen to know the latest news from u abt them.hope u’ll share….btw may ALLAH give more great khalifah like u in this BIG GLOBE.AMIN…..

  6. Salam mamafiza..

    I recently found out about this great blog and been quite a regular reader especially since the last two months.

    it’s great to know that our orphanage home is still visited by many kind volunteers like you.

    FYI, i’m a swimming instructor, and we’re opening our own small private swimming center in PJ on february, insyallah. besides teach swimming, one of our goal is to give back to society. we do have some charity fundraising plans in mind.needs time to plan and need suitable place to contribute to.

    Perhaps you can get back to me via email so that we can discuss this together. I’m keen on starting off the charity program with Darul Izzah or any other homes.

    I also would like to invite you to join our FB group.just started last week. you can get the link if you visit our site. 🙂

    Thanks and wassalam.keep up the great work 🙂

  7. Dear magnanimous lady Miss Mas 😉 ,

    Thank you my dearest for your great visit to our humble blog *hugs*. Gosh, I’m truly gratify upon receiving your lovely input.

    Insya-Allah, I’ll email you asap for some ideas, okie dookie sweeti pie? I heart your kindness personality *smooches*

    May God blessed your generous heart. Amin~

  8. Dear MamaFiza,

    I am kinda proud of you and I wish I could be like you.
    Actually, my friends and I would like to make a visit to an orphanage home but we did not know where to go.
    If possible, can you give me the address of the Darul Izzah and how we can contact them.

    Thanks 🙂

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  10. Salam,

    Hi Mamafiza , I am so proud of what you has done. BTW I was scoping around to invite this orphan kids to my place around next month for my house warming cum my child birthday .

    I prefer those in Nearby to Puchong as I am staying there.

    Do advise me if I can invite Darul Izzah kids , and whom I should contact.


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