Playland, Alamanda Putrajaya Trip

New update for our home-school activities 😉

We went to Playland, Alamanda Putrajaya last few weeks. This is our first time visiting the place.

We recommended this playful arena to you (bring your kiddies here, they sure gotta love it 😀 )

Family at Alamanda


Due to we reached there on Working Days; Tuesday, we just needed to pay RM 5.00 for 2 hours, for the whole family 😉 *very cheap and affordable*

KiruaMi-cHan & ReiHi-cHan truly loved playing with Lego’s, swimming in lagoon of balls, enjoying playground implement together with me 🙂

*Oh, yes. I did enter the playground with my kiddies and played with them, ahaha*

They just love the colors of the background area, so colorful and tantalizing for them.

Us :)

On that day, Ahamdulillah, everything goes smoothly and pleasurable; plus less people (just us and 2 more family).

Beyond doubt, I am happy for my kiddies, they still have my hubby and me.

I reminded them how lucky they are and don’t forget to be grateful to Allah swt, and pray for the best things will happen to others kids around this world.

Below are some of the kiddies pics with Lego‘s:




Lego 2






KiruaMi-cHan on acts;


Kimy & Lego






ReiHi-cHan on da move;





YunaFi-cHan with us:


YunaFi with Us


YunaFi & PaPa


Our Baby


Update: the place is no longer exist 🙁 Had been closed down after 1 months we visited it. They placed some of the toys beside Parkson, Putrajaya. But no privacy at all *cry*

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25. August 2007 by MamaFiza
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