National Zoo

Right after one week we obtained our first car, we went to National Zoo *whee* 😉

This my very first time with my 3 little kiddies wandered at the zoo.

KiruaMi-cHan was sooo thrilled!

He can’t wait to see tiger and elephant (but of course they *zoo authority* will keep the best for the last or finale, rite?), so I needed to comfort him, telling that there will be much more to explore.

KiruaMi: Mama, why I need to wear this tag?

mamafiza: Because you’re big boy. Must have that one, same like mama.

KiruaMi: If I won’t? I couldn’t enter the zoo?

mamafiza: Yes. Must put on.

He kinda didn’t like the Zoo’s tag due to him, it got itchy-utchy part at the tag.

Whizkid at Zoo

KiruaMi: Where are tiger & lion, mama? *roar* Why got too many monkeys? (repeating more than 30 times)

mamafiza: Wait ok? We must walk and keep walking until we meet ur friend the “GeLion” and “Mr Tuskeniny”. Go Kimy, go! *I cheered him up with Go Diego Go duplicated songs ehehe.

Gratefully, somehow he managed to calm down and listened to me while teaching them about the animals, the history and reading map to see what’s the next animal we will visit.

I’ll make sure they wave to the animal and said “Good bye, we’ll visit u soon, please take care

While ReiHi-cHan was soooo excited looking at hanging-jumping monkeys!

She described to me as:

ReiHi: Mama, mama, see..monkey, climb, up to the sky!(moving her hands just like those monkey, swing-swank)

mamafiza: Are you sure sayang? That’s amazing! (haha so cute, she told me that the monkey was climbing so fast as she described it as “going up to the sky”)

ReiHi: Nice! Mama!

Stopping by at Kid’s World:

Whizkid at Zoo

ReiHi: Mama! Eeii cute..squirrels! Chicken, BIG chicken! Eat, nyum, eat rice (she told Mr Chicken to eat more rice..haha)

KiruaMi: Yes, eat more. Rice from paddy field, you know Mr Chicken? Let me told you. You need to process it first at the factory, then I’ll teach you to cook rice, like I always do *helping mama in the kitchen*. It’s OK, just easy.

(haha now he become a teacher for Mr gigantic chicken)

Too much valuable experienced I got from my kiddies.

While YunaFi-cHan, kept her eyes starring at the buzzy-beez, and watched her big bro and big sis learning moment.

Bird-watching & exploring time!

Whizkid at Zoo



Coaching my kiddies to read Zoo’s map, taking pictures with Mr bear, Miss Pony, Buzzy-Beez.

Whizkid at Zoo

Rest for a while at Ribena’s pit-stop ^_-


KiruaMi-cHan fed an elephant 😉

Whizkid at Zoo

The King and the two lil princess, with an elephant!


Our family with slithering snake!

Whizkid at Zoo

Sweet journey, Alhamdulillah 😉

Mommies, let bring your cutie to the zoo!

Spent your quality time! *gambatte ne*


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21. August 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. wow!!!!
    super duper journey…..
    mama, u done a great job.
    Good family activities..

    The big boy with genius brain..
    BRAVO….keep asking ur mama…

    Now, u already know who is MR chicken and MR squirrel and MR monks rite? Are they cute?hehe…

    Keep on feeding ur mama’s milk…hehehe

    The King,
    Smart cameraman….


    mamafiza: Dear Miss Afni, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am definitely appreciate it. You owe me lil baby Sufiah pics! *ehe he he I still remember* Please, have a great day and may Allah swt blessed your sweet family 😉

  2. That’s it! The world is their classroom. Way to go.

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