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13. August 2007 by The King
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  1. i dah tempek ur logo… eeee very kawaii… i like!!!

    btw, this’s my blog

    mamafiza: Gazillion thanks Miss 🙂 Deeply appreciate your lovely compliment. Will email you by next Monday (18th May 2009). Take care my lady. God bless! *hugs*

  2. hi..salam kenal…always be ur silent reader hihi..i dah paste the banner in my blog.

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    mamafiza: Thanks a lot for your kindness Miss 🙂 Will email you by next Monday (18th May 2009). God bless! *hugs*

  3. Mamafiza Dearie, like the new logo & I love cats too!As always, looking forward for your next entry & anything that I fancy, I jot down for notes. There u go, my confession!He, he. I’ve paste-up the logo & have a look in my chatterbox :=> http://thehoneybunch.blogspot.com

    mamafiza: Dearest Miss Gorgeous Hanz, thanks a lot for your endless support *tears T-T* May God always bless your kindness. Please check you email box within this week. Gosh, love your new layout *smashing!* Take care my dear~

  4. hye ..dear..I’ve link your site already.. 🙂 http://sofea-collection.blogspot.com

    mamafiza: Thanks a lot Miss Erna 😉 Kindly check your email inbox ya! *hugs* You may promote your link via our Directory links, you’re most welcome >_<

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