First Time Reader

Alhamdulillah, it took me 10 days to teach my lil toddler KiruaMi-cHan his first reading book.

Today, both of us had completed our task. *cheers*

Book 1a - Peter and Jane

I took 15 min per day to guide him; page by page.

I started by 2 pages per day and I’ll added more page when I saw he is ready to go further.

And today; we done!

This precious day; he read aloud to my hubby and proudly showed his talent to his papa.

Papa smiled and granted him with big hugs and sweet kisses.

My day is worthy. Thank you so much Allah!

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07. May 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. hi mamafiza.. i would like 2 ask u how can we teach our child to read? my bb is 14mths old now, i just teach her using flash card only.should i start with ABC ..pls help me to guide my lil girl.tq

    mamafiza: Dear Miss beena, thank you so much for your inquiry 😉 Oh yes, u may teach ur baby using any method which is more fun to both of you. I do used encyclopedia, books, map, Al-Furqan, comics, flashcard, computer, games and any related reading material *including labels*. *gambatte ne*

    May Allah swt blessed your beloved family, Amin~

  2. Hi! Congrats on the great family you have! I’ve been reading your activities and I love them, I’ll be doing each one of them.
    I have a 3 year old, and I’ll like to teach him to read.
    How you did it? Teaching him the whole word? or letter by letter?

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