If Anything I Could Do

Dearest blog, (for others, you may just ignore this posting. Tq)

Today is just a busy day for me *same like usual* plus loaded with designing work to be done.

Suddenly, as I surfing the Internet and stop by; reading about a mother whom just lost his baby for the 3rd time, Subhanallah!

My mind strictly stucked.

How could she moves on her life? How could she be strong enough to live on?Blur.

My eyes, my brain, my soul could not help me more. It’s really scares me if anything related to “death“.

It is not about afraid of going ‘somewhere‘ but it is a matter of a deep relationship between a mother and a child.

Ok, let’s not talk about it anymore. I just can’t imagine my life without my lovely child.

I can’t take it anymore.

Ya Allah, may you put away all the grief and sorrow to every mother around the world. Amin~

If anything I could do;

  1. I want to be the greatest wife for my hubby
  2. I want to be the greatest mum for my child

I just want to love them in every single minute of my life, be with them forever.

But I know, it is impossible. What could I do more as a mother?

  • Pray for my hubby and my child happiness. May they grow-up as a great Muslim; ‘soleh’ and ‘solehah’
  • Keep up the positive mind everyday when I first wake up and move on through the day
  • Teach and guide them with no hassle
  • Play, fun, smile, hugs

May Allah bless you and your family! Amin~ p/s: Can write no more for today. Very emotional feeling *tears*

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03. May 2007 by MamaFiza
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