How to Make Soybean Milk for Toddler

What is my favorite drinks? Of course ‘soybean milk‘ 😉

Since my childhood days, I craved for soybean milk and addicted to soybean till now.

After my toddler KiruaMi-cHan finished his breastfeeding period (for 30 months, Alhamdulillah) with me, I introduced soybean milk to him as his daily drinks.

For the first time, my hubby bought “Drinho: Soybean Drink” for him.

We have tried lots of brand but I suggested Drinho is the best due to no preservative added.

Others were too sweet and got some unpleasant smell. *this is just based on my experienced, no product advertisement attached*

Soybean Milk!

Alhamdulillah, he loves soybean milk so much and makes us made our own homemade soybean milk.

LittleKittle’s Homemade Soybean Milk 😉


  • 400g soybeans, soak overnight

  • 3 liters water + 1 liter water

  • Sugar or brown sugar to taste

Step by step guide:

  1. Rinse and soak soybeans overnight or at least 6 hours.

  2. Finely grind the cleaned and soaked soybean with 3 liters of water.

  3. Squeeze out all liquid into a pot with a piece of muslin cloth.

  4. Remove foam when necessarily.

  5. Add 1 liter of water to the soybean milk to boil.

  6. It tends to foam and overflow, so make sure the fire is low.

  7. Add in the sugar or brown sugar to taste.

Tadaa! Your soybean milk is ready to serve *I love icy soybean milk ehe*

Easy right? Best of luck 😉

p/s: my hubby never drinks soybean milk before, however after first date with me (I introduced him soybean milk), he also became soybean milk die-hard-fans; just like me. *winks*

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28. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. haa…samalah kita…saya ni sampai kena saman la pasal air soya …waktu tu sedang sarat mengandung anak ke dua pegi supermarket nak beli soyabean tapi tak larat nak jalan jauh2 saya parking kereta betul2depan supermarket tu …borong empat kotak besar soyabean punya la seronok..keluar2 dari sm tu tengok2 polis trafic sikit punya khusyuk dok tulis saman…apa nak kata sengih saja la…dia pulak kesian tengok saya bawa barang siap minta maaf pulak sbb saman tu dah tak leh cancel..nasib baik saman tu Rm 30.00 saja masa …..
    p/s kalau tak ada kain muslin pakai saja penapis teh macam kat kedai mamak tu (saya beli kat supermarket baru Rm 2.00)

    mamafiza: Dear Miss sapura, thank you so much for visiting our page 😉 uh oh! ur story was so special! traffic ticket just for soy bean drinks. Thank you so much for sharing ur story and tips. May Allah swt blessed ur beloved family. Amin~

  2. mamafiza,

    saya suka gak minum air soya tapi yg fresh la..yg dlm kotak semua nye tak leh telan…masa preg dulu(masa balik msia sebelum deliver) ..setiap kali ade pasar malam ..mesti beli air soya yg panas2 tu ..sedap..hehheh

    nanti balik msia ..buat sendiri la….lagi sedap kan..

    mamafiza: Dear Miss Rizza, thank you so much for your comment 😉 Truly appreciate it. Uh oh same interest *high-5* agreed, hot one is the best! *me too tried at pasar malam nge he he* Have a great day. My best regards to lil Hassan 😀

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