A visit to IKEA

An update for our homeschool out-time visit 😉

Last February 2007, we went to IKEA Damansara. *it’s my childhood dream!*Weee!

Everyone was so happy, inside the car; KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan non-stop singing and laughing together.

We can hardly wait to arrive at IKEA. It is our FIRST TIME.

Both of our lovely toddler help us to find new office furniture for our new studio. Truly fun and exciting moment! *love it*

Below are some of the pictures of our KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan at IKEA:

Happy Toddler

For me, it is a very nice place, cozy, great food, good staff and I could give five star ranking to IKEA 😉

As for my child; they just keep on running and running *uh oh I can’t keep up no more with them*

They asked me mountains of questions about those furniture, the design and even gave me ideas for the decoration *thanks sayang*

My hubby, my kids and myself, loves IKEA foods so much. We ate alot! *haha*

Ikea Foods

To mommies out there; why not bring your family to have a fun time there? *shopping+eating+playing*

p/s: till now my child keep asking me to read IKEA products tag which had been attached to every single item that we bought due to they want to know from which country it came from; *giggles*

KiruaMi-cHan once claimed:

Wow, our house and studio now full with stuff came from around the world!

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27. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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  1. yeah,we(me&my fam) like IKEA too.:)

    i so admired ur style of raising up ur kids,homeschool and all.
    heads up to u!

    mamafiza: Dear Miss ira, thank you so much for your support. Truly appreciate it! *high-5* yes IKEA is just too good to be true 😉 Wish to hear from u soon. May Allah blessed ur beloved family, Amin~

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