Sweet Reading

Last night, my hubby asked me;

If we have a free time, would you like me to send you to spa?

I replied with no hassle;

Hunny, if you need me to make a choice, I rather go to the library with our kids than go to the spa.

Oh oh, what else should I said? I just fall in love in reading since my childhood.

It tooks me everything to save my pocket money at school to purchase new book and comic!I always remind my child to be grateful to Allah s.w.t for giving us an opportunity to have our own books to widen our knowledge plus to enhance our quality of life.

Moreover, there still lots of kids out there; never have their own book.

Sweet Reading

I found the above picture yesterday and I can’t agree more with it*I love it*

For me, reading is stylish *yes, indeed*.

I hate people whom just consider a bookworm as a geek, in a matter of fact; a man whom had been known as a geek is the richest man in the world: Sir Bill Gates *my idol since primary school*

As a result, it is not a sin to be a geek, duh!Reading is not just a hobby for me. It is my lifestyle.

My truly passion.

I love to read for myself, my hubby and I love to read for my child.

I am extremely happy when I saw my child could strenghten their self-esteem by reading. Alhamdulillah *Yes, Al-Quran is a book*

Alhamdulillah, yesterday, my 3 years old baby boy; KiruaMi-cHan managed to read by himself until page 20.

Yesterday was his 3rd day of reading Ladybird – Peter and Jane [1a] book.

I am so happy for him 😉

In addition, for my baby girl ReiHi-cHan and YunaFi-cHan, I read “Totto-chan” book for them.

Today we’ll continue the story book. Insya-Allah. We also read new encyclopedia book today.

Can’t wait to finish it, it’s so lovely 😉

Too much studio works today. I am really tired. Uh oh…trying to take a nap *err 1 hour please*

May all the best to all of ya! Amin~

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25. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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