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Clean-Up Day

Yes, today is our homeschool; clean up day *yeepie* KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan were so eager to help me today. *good job sayang* We want to decorate our study place now, see ya later! *ja ne* p/s: BTW, I took ‘Flower … Continue reading

29. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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How to Make Soybean Milk for Toddler

What is my favorite drinks? Of course ‘soybean milk‘ 😉 Since my childhood days, I craved for soybean milk and addicted to soybean till now. After my toddler KiruaMi-cHan finished his breastfeeding period (for 30 months, Alhamdulillah) with me, I … Continue reading

28. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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A visit to IKEA

An update for our homeschool out-time visit 😉 Last February 2007, we went to IKEA Damansara. *it’s my childhood dream!*Weee! Everyone was so happy, inside the car; KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan non-stop singing and laughing together. We can hardly wait to … Continue reading

27. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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Breakfast Meal for My Toddler

Since my KiruMi-cHan is at the age of 7 months, I made boiled; broccoli, potatoes, carrots and capsicums for him.Really easy recipies and healthy for your child. *cheers* Firstly, cut and slice those veggies in cute shapes. Secondly, boiled ’em … Continue reading

26. April 2007 by MamaFiza
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