How to Train Your Baby to Read Al-Quran

Alhamdulillah, thank you so much Allah for all the love!

Teaching my first baby; KiruaMi-cHan, about Islamic lifestyle, value, morality and the Al-Quran and Sunnah are the most sweet and lovely memories.


As usual, before I teach him anything, me; myself need to be ready mentally & physically plus must load up with tons of facts and info about Islam.

Everyday is never been easy to me in dealing with my daily routine except after praying for blessing from Allah and sanctified from my husband.

Alhamdulillah, I began to educate my baby about Islam since he was in the womb.

Due to my busy as a university student at that moment, I tried hard to fill my extra time by reading Al-Quran for my little baby.

Everyday, I embraced my prayer to Lord, may all the best for my baby and may everything will be smooth sailing. Amin~

Since he at the age of 0 day, my hubby reminded me to teach our baby about Allah.

Whenever while breastfeeding and lying beside my baby boy, I sang 99 names of Allah S.W.T, Sola’wat to our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Zikrullah. *this routine is still been repeating until now for both my babies*

3 times per week, our bedtime stories will be about Allah, Prophet Muhammad and others Prophet, Prophets companion, Angel, Heaven or even the Judgments Day.

I work hard trying my best in explaining almost everything to him starting from 0 day old till now.

He started to ask me mountain of question about our Creator, living things and so on since he could makes full sentences at the age of 22 months old.

Sometimes, he requested me tricky questions that required me to take all my creative phrases in explaining to him.

Fun and exhilarating!

He asked me to train him to read Al-Quran when I started brought him every Friday night to read Yassin at the mosque.

He seemed to be enjoying seeing the ritual.

He even reminded me to bring plain water bottle for “Yassin drinks

*as he surprised my grandma on our 2nd visited to grandma’s house; “Nek, ini air “baca” ye?” as he pointing to my grandma’s Yassins bottle*

[Note: at this moment, he already catch up with his Malay language after learning it in 3 days with my grandma]* 😉

We all burst out laughs, “Good boy, Kirua!”


Below are some of my tips on: How to Teach Your Baby about Islam and Al-Quran:

  • Prayer

Please pray for your baby before you teach them anything, may Allah help both of mama and baby while learning together for a pleasing learning process.

  • Consistency

I started to use simple method as using Arabic letter flashcard for him.I

recommended this due to the letter seems to be large and easy to recognize.

My ways: One week, one letter.

First, I showed him the first letter and pronounce it properly.

When he managed to pronounce and remember the letter, I’ll straightly stick on the flash card at the wall.

So he got the opportunity for the rest of the week to take a glimpse at the letter.

I’ll add one-by-one letter every week on the wall.Before sleep, I asked him to point me the letter that I’ll say.

Every end of the week, I inquired him to sit down beside me and play “Find It” game.

Find It” game is the game when I demonstrated to him the Muqaddam or Al-Quran and let him discover the same letter that we had learned throughout the week.

Hence, he’ll give quick replied and interest while seeking the same shape of the letter.

  • Reward your baby

Please give them your warm and cuddly hugs and kisses with motivational phrases such as “Great job, baby“, “Mama proud of you“, “What an amazing baby!” etc.

  • Teach you baby to read Doa

Every time before go to sleep, I’ll read him Doa, Syahadah, Ayatul Kursi and Islamic lullaby.

Next, will be the bedtime stories.

At first, I just read for him, but after 3 days he is eager to follow me to read Doa.

Alhamdulillah, he also amazed my husband and I because at the age of 2 years and 6 months, he already could read the Doa by himself, with Syahadah and Ayatul Kursi.

Now, it’s time for me to strengthen his memories.

  • One-by-One

I didn’t teach him all at the same time. I prefer the method of “One-by-One“.

After he managed to memorize Doa before going to sleep, I coach him with the next Doa after several days.

p/s: For newborn baby, it is recommended to teach your baby simple Zikrullah; Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar etc

  • Never Push your Baby

Let them explore and try.

Give them some time to absorb the new environment.

By using this ways, your baby and toddler will feel more appreciate and happy in learning.

Alhamdulillah, by using those approaches, I found that; it is truly amusing and trouble-free to teach my babies about Islam *Insya-Allah*.

I wish those tips could help any moms out there 😉

May all the best to you. Have a great day!

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  1. Fiza,

    i searching for arabic flash card. whr can i buy eh? i nk start ajar mengaji to my bb la…so far dia blom boleh ckp lg tp when i mengaji ngan dia she look interested..

  2. Dearest Miss Ayie,

    Thank you so much for your support 😉

    FYI, I had tried to find any Arabic letter flash card (Jawi) from Malaysia & overseas, but I could not find the one with laminated cards version.

    I end up with Malaysian made card by Kiddibird Sdn Bhd, contains 32 cards.

    I bought at PKNS Bandar Baru Bangi bookstore, the price below RM 10.

    Wish you luck! 😉

  3. Fiza deary,

    Interesting approaches. I like it.
    Specially this word is very important.

    “need to be ready mentally & physically”

  4. Dearest Miss ibu_sufi,

    Thank you so much for your support 😉

    I love you ways in appreciating the details. How great mom you’re!

    Wish ya all the best my dearly. Amin~

  5. Fiza

    interesting…i will find the arabic letter flash card for my lil boy soon…thanks for the info

  6. Dearest Miss adeqma,

    Thank you so much for your support and comment 😉

    May your little prince will be happy to learn new Arabic letter!

    Good luck my dear. Amin~

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