How to Teach Your Baby to Use a Computer

Both of my babies loves computer so much. We even provided them with their own personal computer.

My hubby and I started to develop interest in computer for KiruaMi-cHan since he is 0 day old baby.

I started to showed him my personal notebook and told him every single thing that I’ve done to him, describing him how does its operated and so on.

Every time I do my duty *yes, my designing work*, I’ll let him know.

Baby and Computer

Computer could interact with baby in such a fun way if you could teach your baby the proper ways on using the computer.

But always remember, never let your television or computer be your babysitter! *poor baby*

I do strongly believe, our responsibility as parent to guide our child, not to dumb them.

With this method, we could showered our child with more love than exposing them to a hazardous environment.

Alhamdulillah, at the early age of 2 years and 6 months, KiruaMi-cHan could turn on and off the PC by himself, using Paint software to draw, playing games (educational and teens stuff!), using printer, online voice-chat, downloading stuff and even surf the Internet! (his favorite: Yahoo! Current Driver site).

Below are some of the print screen of his own creative work in Elmo’s World: Hat Games.

Elmo's Hat


Below are one of the screen shot of Grover that he played in Sesame Street: Dress Grover-Party!

Grover Party

While ReiHi-cHan begin to handle the keyboard and mouse confidently at the ages of 8 months, now at the age of 1, she manages to restart the PC, play simple “click” game at SesameStreet website and happy to change the volume of the speaker *alhamdulillah*.

I had try several time to find tips to teach my baby how to use a computer, but sadly I could not find even 1 website or article regarding to this matter. So, I ended up by giving my own personal experiences.


How to start a computer learning for baby?

  • Early start

I introduced my KiruaMi-cHan and ReiHi-cHan with the real environment of the computer.Such as, by showing them what is the hardware required in running up the computer; monitor, CPU, speaker, microphone, CD-Player etc. This is a basic learning about PC.

  • Try and error

Let them try and look the real thing, and even open up the CPU for them, putting disket/CD/DVD, how to open and shut down the computer, do printing job, introduce the function of icons, folder, Internet.

  • Fun method

Teach them simple but attractive multimedia method; you could use special CD learning for toddler or just simply guide them to log on in the Internet to find a lots of suitable baby-Computer games and software that you could used it freely.

  • Consistency in learning

Spend only 20-30 minutes daily to use the computer with your baby.Don’t push them to learn, they’ll absorb it slowly and I bet, they were going to love it just in few second!

  • Do together

Amaze them with sing-a-song together with your computer, dancing, play animated or cartoons on your computer.Let them know that TV is not the only media, which they could rely on while searching for education, entertainment and fun.Â

  • Encouragement

Be participated and rewarded them with your best hugs and kisses every time they learn something new and each time they do something correctly.If they don’t, offered yourself to teach them again and again in happy mood.


How to keep your baby safe while using a computer?

Consequently, the right viewing distance is the one at which the computer operator can easily read the screen without experiencing eyestrain.

Generally, the preferred viewing distance is between 20 and 40 inches (50 and 100 cm) from the eye to the front surface of the computer screen.

  • Stay together: NEVER leave your baby ALONE with the computer. A computer is not your babysitter!
  • Eye-to-screen distance: Put monitor directly in front of you and at least 25 inches away, preferably more
  • Vertical location: Viewing area of the monitor between 15° and 50° below horizontal eye level.
  • Monitor tilt: Place monitor so top line of screen is at or below eye level (top of the monitor slightly farther from the eyes than the bottom of the monitor).
  • Lighting: Place monitor perpendicular to window (ceiling suspended, indirect lighting. Use blinds and shades to control outside light).
  • Screen colors: Dark letters on a light background.


What if you don’t have a computer at home?

Don’t let this be as an excuses for your baby.

If you noticed, you could get your own complete personal computer at the cheapest price of RM 499 nowadays! (why not try start your saving today?)

Plus, you could bring your baby to public library to use free computer.

Best recommended website for you and your baby to give a try:

Keep on trying and never lose hope in your baby.

Loving them each day, and keep on coaching mommies!

Best of Luck 😉

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  1. Thanks dear. i love ur tips…

  2. thanks fiza.
    hari tu my baby nampak PC kat umah atuk dia…. kitorang takut dia rosakkan terus tak bg dia dekati. Nasib baik mama fiza bg tips2 ni. may be…. next time boleh bg dia cuba guna PC. hopefully dia tak tekan2 key board sesuka hati sudah la

  3. Dearest Miss lovebaby,

    Gazillion thanks to you my dearly 😉

    You’re such a great mum!


    Dearest Miss marisa,

    Tons of thanks my dear 😉 I bet you’ll do it better.

    Just give your baby a try and time to explore.

    Best of luck dear!

  4. LCD monitors are the de factor standard these days because they do not consume too much electricity.’:

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