Violets House (A Giant Touch & Feel)

Title: Violet's HouseBy: The Baby Einstein Company, LLC
Type: Hardcover

About:The Baby Einstein Violet’s House Giant Touch-and-Feel Board Book takes your child on a delightful tour through the house of Violet the Mouse.

Using rhythmic text, charming illustrations and unique touch-and-feel elements, Violet’s House allows your little one to touch and feel a variety of Violet’s favorite things in this tactile learning experience.

* iParenting Media Award (2004)
* Touch and feel common household objects
* Sturdy, oversized hardcover edition
* Appropriate for ages 9 months and up

Tactile objects include Violet’s fluffy poodle, an orange, and her squishy toothpaste. With Violet’s House unique touch-and-feel elements, your child will discover many of the objects that surround them in their everyday world. Violet’s House uses child-friendly text and provides parent usage tips permitting delightful one-on-one learning experiences for you and your little one. Featuring high-quality glossy pages in this oversized hardcover bound edition, Violet’s House will provide you and your little one with endless experiences for discovery in an educational resource that your family will treasure.

Each of the Baby Einstein books uses fun Baby Einstein characters in bright, happy scenes that will make these among your favorite books. Violet’s House Giant Touch-and-Feel Board Book will earn a permanent place in your child’s library for years to come.

Buku ini paling di gemari oleh anak-anak saya kerana dapat meransang deria sentuhan mereka dengan pelbagai tekstur dan hasil ilustrasi yang berwarna-warni dapat memikat si kecil tanpa henti.

Setiap kali selesai membaca dan menerangkan buku ini kepada anak-anak, saya akan tunjukkan pada mereka objek sebenar yang boleh di dapati di dalam rumah sendiri seperti di dalam contoh rumah “Violet the Mouse”.

Melalui cara ini anak-anak dapat membandingkan di antara lukisan dan objek sebenar.Tiga perkataan dari saya: Menarik, efektif, kreatif.

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