Malaysian Homeschooler Book: Hidden Discovery- Reading with Your Baby & Toddler by MamaFiza

“Now, YOU Could Help YOUR Baby and Toddler to Read

by 1-2-3 Guide

Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler”

Easy How-Tos Teach and Guide Your Little Ones in FUN Ways!

Do you have these problems still?

Dilemma #1:

  • When is the best time to teach my child to read?
  • Do you know when and where your child was conceived?
  • Strategies for Creating Strong Readers?
  • How to Nurture a Growing Reader?
  • Tips on different level approach?

Dilemma 2#:

  • What is early literacy?
  • Skills to get ready?
  • Reading Checkups?
  • How to introduce baby/toddler/kids to library?
  • How Eye Health Affect baby/toddler/kid’s Learning?
  • How to Help Your baby/toddler/kids to enjoy reading?
  • Common misconceptions about babies and toddlers in literacy development?

Dilemma 3#:

  • How to choose the correct book?
  • What to look for in a book?
  • How to Share Your Book with Your baby/toddler/kids?
  • How can we make Reading Part of our family’s lifestyle?
  • How to Read Book while Breastfeeding?
  • How to Create your own Learning Center for your baby/toddler/kids?

Introducing your baby and toddler to literacy world without any pointer will be clueless. If you would like to start guiding your baby and toddler to read; however you were dealing with the above difficulties, let’s continue surfing this page. You have the PROBLEM ~ We Have the SOLUTION!

It’s Never Too Early to Introduce Reading to Your Baby and Toddler!


Greetings from Malaysia Homeschool Unite Administration Team!

Since we had launched our family’s Homeschool Blog; (previously –, we had received tremendous feedback from our loyal readers! Presently, we have bring into being Malaysia Homeschool Unite Community to gather Malaysian family and share more information to enlighten and enhance quality of education and lifestyle among Malaysians.

Still, we have received lots of inquiries about:

“How could I teach my baby/toddler to read?”

Presenting, CD ROM eHandbook…

Hidden Discovery:

Reading with Your Baby & Toddler

These packages are specially created for any individuals or parent who wants to light their little ones’ hearts on fire with a love for reading by simple guidelines.

You will be guided step-by-step on how to start off reading for your baby/toddler/kids. There are 3 eHandBooks included in these packages, more than 100 tips! (each tip just cost you less than 50 cents?)

All in 1 CD ROM

Furthermore, these packages had been established conscientiously to ensure you could teach your baby/toddler to read in no sweat. Straightforward, catchy and user-friendly.

Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • You could easily helps your child learn to start reading book, recognize words, and reading by their own.
  • Makes learning fun and interactive plus stimulates brain development for your little one’s
  • Encourages early language acquisition
  • Gives you an effective solution on how to stimulate your baby-toddler-kids in literacy; step-by-step and different level technique.
  • Teaches reading during the window of opportunity for learning language

NOTES: These packages are a highly recommended for anyone whom love to guide their babies-toddlers-kids; a big jump in reading environment.

This eHandbook “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler” is dedicated to anyone whom love to learn on how to introduce reading to little one’s. Specially organized by MamaFiza by her very own experience in coaching her kiddies to world of reading (KiruaMi-cHan had started own reading at ages 3 *Alhamdulillah*)

Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler
ISBN 978-983-43984-0-8

Hidden Discovery:

Reading with Your Baby & Toddler

CD ROM Price
: MYR 69.00 Only MYR 59.00!

Now you could purchase eHandbook “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler” for only MYR 59.00.

However, if you order before December 31th, 2009, you will get MYR 10 discount coupon.

You just only need to pay MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00 to obtain this eHandbook!

Plus, FREE Delivery via PosLaju.

All information had been compiled in full eHandbook “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler“. As additional, packages included:

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FREE GIFT #3 (Worth MYR 150):

Child’s Care Handbook – A Parent’s Guide


Kidbasics – Parenting Tips, Tricks And Answers To Help You Care For Your Young Child


Be quick to get your eHandbook “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler”. Grab it first as MYR 59.00 price is our introduction price.


For payment using online bank-in services, it will take 2-3 working days before your funds to be credited into our account. We will only send you confirmation e-mail of accepted funds after we received total funds from the bank.

We will guarantee that we will send your CD ROM to you via PosLaju Delivery services within 72 hours after we received your payment. Domestic Poslaju Delivery Standard of next working day is applicable only for areas covered by Poslaju Centres. For other areas, the delivery standard is within 2 to 3 days; safe and sound.

We will send you parcel confirmation email together with delivery tracking number after we had sent your finished nursing cover. You could use delivery tracking number to track and trace via online. Please do provide us your correct email address.

FREE Delivery! No added delivery fees for Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah.


Payment Particulars: From this moment, we only accept payment via online banking and direct bank-in.

Get your CD ROM eHandbook “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler” together with FREE gift as mentioned above for only MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00.

Please make payment to the account below:

Bank: Maybank Berhad

Account Number: 1623-48433-48-2

Name: Mohd Azhar Bin Md Zahir

Amount to bank-in:
CD ROM Price + Shipping Rates (FREE DELIVERY for Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah)

After making payment, please send or scan your bank-in slip via e-mail attachment together with the details below for our records:

  • send E-Mail to: mamafiza[@]
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  • E-Mail Address
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  • Total Payment (MYR 59.00)
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  • Phone Number: Home & Mobile


Terms & Conditions:

  • Recipient’s address must be correct and that there will be someone to receive the delivery, or your order will be cancelled and no refund will be made.
  • No cancellation is allowed after confirmation.
  • Our system will automatically purge all order with no payment receive within 2 days upon receiving order email notification.
  • Once payment make, please notify us at mamafiza[@]
  • We reserve the rights to change the Terms & Conditions w/o notice.


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Latest News: October 1st, 2009


Dear Loyal Readers,

Wish you were in superb moment 😉

Thank you so much for your support on our latest eBook. *hugs*

Our eBook had been approved to get it’s own ISBN end of this week *Alhamdulillah*

We’ll open order for limited edition of Book In-PRINT, 30 orders *ready stock*; available till December 30th, 2009 only!

SAME price, add-ons with FREE Gifts.
– book content: Printed in Black & White 😉

Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler
ISBN 978-983-43984-0-8

Hidden Discovery:

Reading with Your Baby & Toddler

Book Price
: MYR 69.00 Only MYR 59.00!

Now you could purchase Book In-PRINT “Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler” for only MYR 59.00.

You just only need to pay MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00 to obtain this paperback book!

Plus, FREE Delivery via PosLaju.


Latest News: July 13th, 2010


Dear Loyal Readers,

Gazillion thanks for your kind support 😉

Book In-Print SOLD-OUT! Only eBook is still available today. Very sorry for inconvenience matter. *cuddles*


May Allah swt blessed your lovely family. Amin~ 😉

p/s: If you had already bought our previous eBook, you’ll get coupon voucher MYR 5.00; automatically to purchase this book.

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

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