ABC of Art

ABC's of ArtBy: The Baby Einstein Company, LLC
Type: Hardcover

About: Baby Einstein’s ABC’s of Art book introduces your child to art in fun, interactive ways. As guide, our Van Goat character, exposes your child to the alphabet using a selection of art masterpieces by artists that include Warhol, Picasso, Renoir, Magritte, and Rembrandt.

  •     Scholastic Parent and Child, Teacher’s Picks: Best of 2002 Book (2002)
  •     Learn the alphabet through art
  •     Make art fun for your little one
  •     Sturdy hardcover edition
  •     Appropriate for ages birth and up

The ABC’s of Art presents each letter of the alphabet accompanied by a full-color painting and a series of questions that invite your child to search the painting for answers to simple questions; What color is the balloon?; How many ice-cream scoops do you see? How old do you think the little girls are?.

With the ABC’s of Art, your child will learn about common objects in the world around them while providing endless interactive experiences for both of you.Each of the Baby Einstein books uses lovable Baby Einstein characters in bright, happy scenes that will make these among your favorite books.

The ABC’s of Art will earn a permanent place in your child’s reference library for years to come.Product Awards

* Scholastic Parent and Child “Teacher’s Picks: Best of 2002 Books” (2002)

Gabungan ABC dan hasil seni adalah sesuatu yang luar biasa dan sangat menyeronokkan. Melalui buku-buku ini, anak-anak saya berpeluang mengenali hasil karya agung dari pelukis antarabangsa, berinteraksi serta bertanya soalan mengenai gambar tersebut, malah dapat mempelajari abjad ABC dengan mudah.

Melibatkan proses pembelajaran minda; menggunakan kedua-dua belah otak kiri dan kanan dalam masa yang sama.

Pendidikan awal kepada pengenalan dalam belajar menghargai hasil seni dan langkah awal kepada gerbang galeri seni.

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09. September 2006 by MamaFiza
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  1. Interesting! My kids loves Einstein’s cd collections.. Maybe i should consider the books as well..

  2. Dearest Miss mommy_d&d,

    Thank you very much for your interest 🙂

    What a superb choice for Einstein’s CD collection! Really great! Truly, I wish I have some extra money to buy those CD’s for my babies. I just try the preview on the Net, but its totally awesome.

  3. mamafiza,
    can i noe where to get all of these books?Is it in kinokuniya..cos im working at KLCC..planning to drop by..hope u can reply..


  4. Dearest Miss ma_danish,

    Thank you for your inquiry 😉 Yes, I bought it at Kinokuniya, KLCC too.

    *gambatte ne*

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