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Date: 17th July 2012

Dear respected clients, for 2010-2012 loyal and honorable clients:

If you're having problem with any of your shopping cart/blog/design package, our new management team may replace your order with new licensed edition with very minor installation fee (no additional or hidden fee). All included compensation for 2nd year renewal per each package.

However, it will begin with phase, e.g: July-August (1st phase clients), September-October (2nd phase clients) and so on.

Please kindly email your full details to: 2012[@]littlekittle.com.




Web Status Issue:

Preferable Act (Please choose 1): Reset Database/Reinstall Latest Version/Re-apply For Uploading New Design  

Thank you for your great help, very appreciate it. We'll try the best to fix the inconvenient matter for you, thank you.





Date: 1st June 2012

Dear respected clients, for new clients, you'll get your login & password details by 23rd June 2012 due to new management team (LittleKittle.com & BizNiaga Crew) will be upgrading server hosting package for all clients. All included compensation for 2nd year renewal. Email will be reply starting from 21st June 2012 via update[@]bizniaga.com. We'll ensure the best to help you, thank you.





Date: 15th February 2012

If you received Malware alert on your website or domain, please kindly email abuse[@]littlekittle.com for further investigation and action. Our crew will help you, thank you.




Date: 1st December 2011

Starting from January 2012,LittleKittle.com Studio will be totally and fully start with new management and support team to enhance previous year services.

Thank you for being with us since year 2002, for January 2012 - March 2012, we're only open for Ready Made package (guaranteed faster solution: complete only within 24-48 hours working days) and full licensed platform for VIP outstation clients Asia Pacific region (special consultation). 

If any clients needs to change to new web hosting and terminate services with us, LittleKittle.com Studio may release their domain name with EPP code with no add-on fee, at all (FREE).

Loyal clients will be offered : relevant server compensation, slot of advertisement banner, free blog setup and may redeem these services with NO expiry date.

Thus for year 2012, upgraded server performance & uptime will be offered to all respectable clients.

Monthly payment starting from RM15 per month up to RM200 per month (based on server package: WAHM charitable server, semi-dedicated server, dedicated server or VPS server), will be send to our clients via auto invoice (will be provided each month), and NO more offers for bundle promotion account.

Moreover, we never raise our yearly renewal fee to all our honorable clients since year 2002 even though so many changes happen (economic status) to our beloved country (Malaysia), plus we still provided clients with special renewal discount each year.

If any clients need personal assistant to manage and help regarding their website, please do email us via "Contact Us" page.

Any incomplete issues for custom made design or redesign matter will be solve and complete by phase till complete for all respected clients (starting from 30th Nov 2011 till 31st March 2012), do email our crew at custommade[@]littlekittle.com with below details (resend). All included compensation. Thank you. 

Tell us your favorite:

  1. Font:
  2. Color: 2-­3 colors theme:
    (Please do provide us your htlm color coding code specifically for final color: e.g: White #FFFFFF). Kindly visit this page and paste the code for our actions :)
  3. Layout theme: butterfly/animal/nature, etc (Do specific or you may provide sample web/images to us) 
  4. Store name :
  5. Motto / tagline :
  6. Domain (only .com) : Please includes 3 domain choices or EPP code to transfer.


After launching day, we'll email you Admin login details and online tutorial link and free redesign will be provided within 15 working days after official launch. 

Very sorry for inconvenience matter, may you'll find better website provider and we'll always pray for your business prosper and growth. 


Note: We reserve the right to adjust our prices according to any other changes beyond our reasonable control, e.g: major currency fluctuations. Although we do try to ensure that all client will be serve respectably, we highly apologize for any unpleasant moment.