Daddy’s Little Girls

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Date: 10th January 2014 & 27th March 2014


O Lord, Heavenly Father, Almighty God; million thanks for blessing us with such a miraculous PaPa 😀


“There was one thing my daddy wouldn’t tolerate in any shape, form or fashion, and that was being unkind or rude to somebody. That was just very important to my folks. And as it turns out, that was a legacy that he left me that money can’t buy, is how to be able to treat people” ~ Madam Paula Deen



On the way to her piano class together with her brand new lesson bag! >_<
*Gambatte ne big sis ReiHi-cHan*



Sisters love: YunaFi-cHan and HidE-cHan, obviously happy with their new books purchased >w<
*All smiles, now!* 😀


“You’ve got to stand up and do your own battles. My daddy taught me that a long time ago, that you fight your own battles. The only way to shut everybody up is to win” ~ Sir Terry Bradshaw @ Harian Metro (VI)

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This is Speedy Post. TQ!


Konniciwa adorable momma *tighly hugs* 😀

Another urgent and swift update for today, we’ve been featured in Harian Metro newspaper, interviewed by Miss Siti (the amazing journalist!) for 6th times. Alhamdulillah *blissful tears*

Gambatte ne homeschoolers >O< Thank you Lord!

>>Please click HERE to read in e-version<<


Alhamdulillah ^____^



Keep on rollin’ awesome mommies and daddies, you’re the best!

Ja ne, see you soon 😉

Heartbreaking News

Post by MamaFiza on March 25, 2014 

Sadly, far away from any landing site, Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un 🙁


Pengiring Setia

Post by MamaFiza on March 8, 2014 

Sejak 2 minggu lalu, saya telah diiringi oleh bau-bauan berunsur kekal “Minyak Angin Cap Kapak” sehingga ke hari ini 😉

Alhamdulillah, teruskan perjuanganmu bonda anggun sekalian. Jangan sekali dipersiakan. Peluk!



 Saiz jumbo, telah habis 2 botol untuk 14 hari sahaja >w<
Penggunaan yang begitu konsisten oleh empunya badan.



Semoga Allah swt sentiasa meredhai perjalanan ini, Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin~ 😀


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