From Bangs and Fringe to Curly Hair

Post by MamaFiza on March 24, 2012 

PhotoBlog@ Homeschool’s Room.

Date: 24th – 25th May 2011

Do you still remember this old blog post?

Now, it’s time for nextΒ experimental changes for little princesses *Alhamdulillah* πŸ˜‰

Safety first: no heat, no damage!

Incredible hair tutorial from Miss RiceBunny ^O^ Thank you!

Mama Hair Salon, fun time >w<:

In the making . . . ^-^

Yatta πŸ˜€

Voluminous curly hair for big sis ReiHi-cHan, AlhamdulillahΒ ^_-

So excited!

Truly happy with the result >_<

Alhamdulillah, curl and more curls for sis YunaFi-cHan πŸ˜‰

For the cheeky girl~

Tadaaa ~ Alhamdulillah

Big smiles from lil sis HidE-cHan πŸ˜€ Glad to join her sisters.

If you like to learn how to curl your long, short or medium length hair without using heat styling,Β but don’t know where to start?

Please click link below and enjoy the video ^_____^ Gambatte ne! *double hugs*

Note: PleaseΒ click hereΒ if you can’t view the above video.

Off With Mama Hair Salon

Post by MamaFiza on April 12, 2011 

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Week of Outstation Job .


PhotoBlog@Home Salon.

Oyasumi nasai to my gorgeous ladies πŸ˜‰

Hope you’re in the pink of health. Amin~ *cuddles*

Question of the day: If your child needs a haircut what should you do?

Personally, for my charming prince: KiruaMi-cHan, I’d rather go to a professional hairstylist than do it myself as I don’t really know how to cut a boy’s hair *I’m still learning πŸ˜€ *, but when I trimmed my girls hair, I kept the bangs at the eyebrows (and they love it!).

A clean salon that caters to kids! Specially designed for girls.

BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

Trimming my kids’ hair *bangs or fringe!* at home (regularly) is easy and less hassle, Alhamdulillah. To keep the shape of your child hair cut fresh, hair should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.


Look like a million dollars without hardly spending it?
You bet! πŸ˜€


Snip Its!
Snip, snip, snip ^____^


Looking more cute than ever?
What a doll face! *Yummm~* >w<


Getting your child’s hair cut can be fun! *always*


Want to look like you just stepped out of the hair salon all the time?
Secret: New ‘Do! ^O^ *chubby + cheeky babe~*



β€œDo make the experience fun for your kids, I’m sure they will cooperate as much as their age allows and please be extra careful as it takes practice, lots of practice. ~MamaFiza


Hot momma, please ensure to take some precautions when using any related equipment. Okie dookie? πŸ˜€


Good night pretty momma, till then!

God blessed, Amin~





Blessed Dream

Post by MamaFiza on November 20, 2010 

May you’ve a memorable holiday with your sweet family, hot momma πŸ˜‰ *triple hugs*

Another quick update regarding our very first book arrival. Only 6 days ahead *full of joy!*, Alhamdulillah ^-^ After all of hard work and bundle of patient, you may get your own copy of the book at Malaysia’s wide-range and famous bookstore.

Do join us at Pesta Buku Kanak-Kanak, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur on 25th December 2010 (5pm-6pm), book launching & signing , mini activity and many more. Will update complete details very soon, Insya-Allah >w<

These pictures taken by my eldest princess, ReiHi-cHan.Β  As this is her first time duty as my little girlfriend of photographer, I told her to enjoy her moment and just be free to work as her pleased.

Due to she took lots of snap, I save most of them as part of our family’s treasure gallery. Amazing job, big sis πŸ˜€ Thank you!

Location: PTS, Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Date: 11th November 2010

Mission: Check final proof of our book before printing job, early this week (Monday, 15th November 2010) *called by our generous Editor, Miss Zila* .

I’ll always make sure my trip to PTS completed with natural and minimal make-up. Truly enjoyed my day each time at PTS, accompanied by respectful team, marvelous! πŸ˜‰

That’s it!
Black and white version.

Candid by lil ReiHi-cHan. Hoho!

I didn’t noticed myself that I’m full of smile throughout the day without this pic~
Ha ha ha, gotcha mama.

Yes, a remarkable edition: Premium!
Full color 100% sweet babe (from cover to cover and all pages inside), no blank or dull white page.

Confidential ^-^
Till you get it at the nearest bookstore.

I took this photo for sis ReiHi-cHan ^____^
Gazillion thanks for your great support Miss Ashikin, Miss Zila and Miss Mazura. Thank you to Sir Aizat for introducing me to Miss Ashikin. We’re eternally grateful.

This is special pic for our no.1 supporter: Sir Syed Mohd Aiman πŸ˜€
He’s a die-hard-fan of Sir Alif Firdaus Azis, and here’s our dedication for you, great buddy! Hope to meet you soon Sir Aiman.

Our dinner for that night.
Homemade Crispy Chicken Chop with Mushroom gravy, Coleslaw and sunny side up eggs. Alhamdulillah, what a blissful day ^O^

Please be careful and take care my dear ladies πŸ˜‰

Have fun! May God blessed your weekend. Amin~


p/s: Coffee Talk Session: OPEN for December 2010, special price for early bird : RM50 and RM100 *before 21st November 2010* πŸ˜€ Location: Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi and Puchong. See you very soon, cutie!

2. How to Survive and Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall?

Post by KiruaMi-cHan on June 22, 2010 

Hi friends πŸ˜€

I’m back. How are you today?

Be healthy and please wake up with a bright smile.

Do you like shopping?
I love shopping and hanging out with my family.

Today I will let you know on how to survive and spend longer time in shopping mall. Simply how?

Answer: You should bring your playful sister πŸ˜‰

Undeniable Proves:

My little sister HidE-cHan is a very playful girl.
She’s tough and strong enough to compete with her two sisters.

See her happy face?

We called her: Baby HidE πŸ˜‰
She learns jiu jitsu from our PaPa, too.

She won’t let go her big sister: ReiHi-cHan.

Very tight.

Lay on the floor.

Grab again.


1st step: I warned her.

2nd: She’s just like us and get ready to rumble.

3rd: Managed to catch her.

Too tricky.

Being a team player makes work easier.




She puts up a brave show, even attempt to do a breakdance in public.
Did you notice obvious audience behind the scene?

There she goes again *little HidE-cHan*
Check out her feet: On air!

YunaFi-cHan: She decided to walk away after didn’t manage to carry little Hide.

I am thankful to God for : I am thankful for my parents, for being born and blessed with sisters, and for all the memories shared and never being alone, and for every one on earth to be at peace. [Elhamdulillah] πŸ˜€

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