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True story: about a journey of my life with my beloved baby teddy hubby; Abang Zaha Sayang. It’s all about LOVE!

My Favourite . . .

. . . guy 😀 with my cuddly girls *Alhamdulillah*  

24. May 2012 by MamaFiza
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This is Speedy Post. TQ! ——————————————————– Sincerely, we would like to wish all of you celebrating a Happy Thaipusam and for those of you who are not, have a wonderful day holiday! *blessed hugs* 😀 Alhamdulillah, today we’ve been featured in … Continue reading

07. February 2012 by MamaFiza
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My Life After RedGlow’s Make Up Class (using LovingMinerals Makeup) and My New Bling Bling!

Good afternoon  attractive ladies 😉 Wish you’re in splendiferous health *hugs* Okie dookie, a lil update from me today. Do you still remember about this post? Alhamdulillah, after my sponsored makeup class, I try my best to combine the techniques … Continue reading

29. December 2009 by MamaFiza
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Be A Happy Person

Update: OMG, too many people misunderstood this post. I am extremely happy due to I’m so lucky to be with my dearest hubby and lovely kiddies *alhamdulillah* >_< Please don’t be sorry to me. My point is: Genuine happy comes … Continue reading

08. March 2009 by MamaFiza
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