And Now They’re Asking for RANSOM!

Post by MamaFiza on March 20, 2011 

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Month of Outstation Job .


Ohaiyo gozaimasu beauteous mommies ;)

May you’re in lovely holiday *hugs*

OMG, OML, it happened again!

Oh dear, previously they kidnapped me once last year, but this time they’re acting more brutal and aggressive plus even asked me for full amount of ransom!

These  cold-blooded team are responsible in asking me ransom in advance for special mission 2011:


Gosh, I still remember the whole thing like it was permanently attached to my soul. (Lol!). It was yesterday!



Disclaimer: This post is just a joke. They’re utterly great of A-Team list of PTS Professional. Each of them are individually  implausible person *too generous!*. I’m working hard on my dateline now *Alhamdulillah*.


Thanks a lot for your solicitous support my ladies ;)

May God always blessed your dear family *cuddles*





All I Wanna Do is to Thank Y-O-U!

Post by MamaFiza on December 29, 2010 

To my dearest wonderful babe, good morning ;)

Wish you’re in the pink of health with cherry cheeks. Amin~ *super-bear-hugs* >_<

Firstly I am terribly sorry for this speedy and short update due to my full schedule this week. I promise to create 1 special post to thank everyone, individually. Insya-Allah >w< Please do kindly check it out soon.

We’re deeply thank you to Lord for marvelous moment at Pesta Buku Kanak-Kanak 2010, PWTC. Alhamdulillah! :-D

Even though we don’t know you personally, one hundred percent, however you’ve made our journey safe by your generous prayer.

Whoever you are:
I wanna thank Y-O-U , All I wanna do is to thank you.
Seriously, deeply *hat’s off*

OMG!!! *Subhanallah*
I Got Love in the Crowds >_<

Gosh, but this time must be exceptional
I heart you, dearest paparazzi *giggles*
Not suitable then, I guess, this much better:
I thank you, my fellow new friends >O<

See those sparkling smiles and huge eyes from my new buddies?
That’s why, it’s worth to know you!!! *happy tears*

OMG.OMG.OMG, what a lovely kids around me!
Hot momma, hot babe, hot dude!
Thank you *cries out loud!*

I never thought this is real.
Me and kids at the same stage.
It’s like a dream come true ;)
I’ve been patiently wait for this time. Alhamdulillah~
p/s: I’ve received a remarkable honor, please do guess by examine the above pictures. Unexpected VIP guest.

Special dedication: Thank You to my big family for your support ^___^ *truly meaningful for me*

Ei ei ei ^O^
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity by PTS Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd.

This is endless. . .
Thank you T-T

May God always blessed your kindness heart, my very best pal. Amin~

Meet Us Today at PTS booth, PWTC!

Post by MamaFiza on December 25, 2010 

Good morning to you, my special intelligent ladies ;)

May God always blessed your wonderful family. Amin~ *tightly hugs* ^-^

Alhamdulillah, gazillion thanks for your superb friendship and sincere support, we really deeply thank you!!! Thank Y-O-U so much >w<

To special babe: cutest cyber pal Miss Afni, most faithful girlfriend Miss Anfaal and highly spirited buddy: Miss nelcyndana, trillion thanks for your lovely feedback, please don’t left me in tears T-T You’re too generous!

We’re truly appreciate it.

Let us meet together today, will ya? :-D  Insya-Allah.

Please do refresh your web browser for front page :D
Thank you so much for your greatest love! *cries*

Happy holiday and do take a very good care >_<

See you soon, have fun! ;) *ja ne*

At Last!

Post by MamaFiza on October 22, 2010 

moshi-moshi sweet ladies ;)

Wish you’re in a lovely day, Amin  ^-^

Firstly, gazillion thanks for your incredible support and pure prayer to us. We’re truly appreciate it! *tears* May God blessed your sincere friendship. Amin~

I’m deeply sorry for unable to reply any private message, Facebook, Twitter, or email lately, Insya-Allah I’ll try my best to give my feedback in my free hour. Gomen ne~ T-T

After a truly long journey (and off again!), today I’ve 15 minutes of free time to upload some pictures taken by my little boyfriend KiruaMi-cHan last 2 weeks. Location: PTS Editorial Office, Batu Caves. Several visit for few months since February 2010.

Alhamdulillah, at last our 1st book will be in Malaysia’s top bookstores by end of November 2010. Plus, PTS Millenia already arranged lots of event for us to attend by December 2010 (Pesta Buku Kanak-Kanak).

If you’ve any doubt or inquiry regarding our 1st book, e.g: pre-order/event book+talk, you may simple contact one of our creative crew member by fill up this contact form.

Last Wednesday (20th October 2010), we safely completed our book cover photo-shoot session. Trillion thanks to my new foxy editor Miss Zila and superb professional photographer Miss Mazura for their full dedication on 3 solid hours with my kids and me. All props made with love from me (Hint: Red + White :-D ).

Hard work till night~

Final discussion with my dear super-editor: Miss Ashikin >O<

p/s: I wore my favorite “Baju Kurung” apparel obtained from my great mom when I’m 15 years old (Year 1999). Love the color so much and still in good condition.

Met her for more than 2 hours each session.
Miss Ashikin, she’s such an adorable lady to me ^_-


Just can’t hide anymore~

See, I heart this girl. So MUCH ;)

This is my young boy, in action ^-^

There’s more to come, will you join us later in each book signing event?

Let share some love *sugar hugs* :-D

Please do take great care my dearest hot momma, may God always blessed your beloved family.

Do kindly send my best smooches and hugs to your little angel >w<

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