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Post by MamaFiza on October 4, 2010 

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Hola sweet mommies 😉

Wish you’re in great moment *hugs*

Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend and may God bless your Monday. Amin~

Another new start for this month *alhamdulillah* ^-^

We would like to announce our upcoming seminar by end of December 2010 : WOW Mom – The Legacy 😀

Remarkably created 100% for wonderful momma & soon-to-be mom. Girl talk!

Previously, most of the seminar conducted by specialized in homeschooling, early childhood education, parenting and work-at-home-moms (WAHM).

Significant increase in particular request from lovely participant on how and when to start, how to create and motivate to keep on using a specific planner (household budget planner, daily/weekly/monthly family menu planner, me-time schedule, couple time management, quality time planner for kids, working hours, self-development, image consultancy, book club!, exercise & fitness time, shopping list (beauty/leisure/grocery), and lots more in details!

It’s all about growing healthy, humbly and gratefully as the most important person on Earth *Subhanallah*: a wow mom!

For this special event, we’re now open for Pre-Order for WOW MOM The Legacy e-Booklet (.pdf files) order. Highly recommended for enthusiastic mom (too busy with daily chores & unable to attend or join seminar/talk) due to you may simply print-out the schedule and fill-up with your very own details.

Includes with FREE Wow Pad (A5 size) by (plus, FREE homemade video tutorial on how to use this pad *in details* as I personally used it for my journal, homeschool and WAHM workout).

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • Clearly define the purpose of the mom’s duty and to establish realistic goals and consistent achievement with that mission in a defined time frame for implementation.
  • Learn to communicate those goals and objectives to the real life perspective.
  • To ensure the most effective use is made of the family’s resources by focusing on the key priorities.
  • To provide a strong base from which progress can be measured and establish a quick solution for informed change when needed.
  • Strive to increase productivity from efficiency schedule (not just a decorative schedule on the wall!).

This eBooklet “WOW Mom – The Legacy” is dedicated to anyone whom love to learn on how to grow to be positive individual each day. No Monday blues, no cluttered areas. Specially organized by MamaFiza by her very own experience , as she always reminds her gorgeous participants regarding the importance of her sacred book (Doodling Planner~). *Alhamdulillah*


WOW MOM –The Legacy

eBooklet Price
: MYR 69.00 Only MYR 59.00!

Special price (RM 59.00) valid before October 8th, 2010.

Now you could purchase Early Bird Package “WOW Mom – The Legacy” for only MYR 57.00 , if you order and paid before 5th October 2010.

You just only need to pay MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00 to obtain this eBooklet + WOW Pad + video.
*price before October 8th, 2010.*

FREE Delivery via PosLaju.

Date of package delivery: 15th November 2010.


For payment using online bank-in services, it will take 2-3 working days before your funds to be credited into our account. We will only send you confirmation e-mail of accepted funds after we received total funds from the bank.

We will send you parcel confirmation email together with delivery tracking number after we had sent your package on 15th November 2010. You could use delivery tracking number to track and trace via online. Please do provide us your correct email address.

FREE Delivery! No extra delivery fees for Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah.


Payment Particulars: From this moment, we only accept payment via online banking and direct bank-in.

Get your “WOW Mom – The Legacy” and the above package for only MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00. Early Bird Package “WOW Mom – The Legacy” for only MYR 57.00 , if you order and paid before 5th October 2010.

Please make payment to the account below:

Bank: Maybank Berhad

Account Number: 162348433482

Name: Mohd Azhar Bin Md Zahir

Amount to bank-in:
eBooklet Price + Shipping Rates (FREE DELIVERY for Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah)

After making payment, please send or scan your bank-in slip via e-mail attachment together with the details below for our records:


Terms & Conditions:


May Allah swt blessed your lovely family. Amin~ 😉

p/s: If you had already bought our previous eBook/seminar packages/webstore, you’ll get automatically coupon voucher MYR 2.00 , to purchase this eBooklet (total: RM57.00 only, Early Bird Package “WOW Mom – The Legacy” for only MYR 55.00 , if you order and paid before 5th October 2010.).

WOW MOM –The Legacy Contest!!!

Sample cover for WOW Pad contest 😀

Once you get your WOW Pad copy (delivered to your address), please do decorate the front & back cover and snap a picture of ’em. Please send your completed images to before 30th November 2o10 and you might win and choose one of 7 lucky tickets to any future seminar conducted by (worth more than RM399 and RM1000+ per seat) . Event: (HCM / WAHM / WOW MOM). Hence, you may choose your preferable date based on the listed confirmed event date (2010 – 2011).

Extra 3 random seats will be given to lucky buyer No. 3 , No. 13 and No.33! Lucky DRAW ^_-

Kick-start your creativity, today! >_<

Sample of journal pad decoration. Vibrant and cheerful colors ^O^
Images source:


Let’s have fun mommies 😉

Thank you for your superior love.

May Allah swt blessed your adorable family. Amin~

PhotoBlog: Book In-PRINT Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler

Post by MamaFiza on July 23, 2009 


Hope you’re in superb day, mommies *cuddles*

Just a lil announcement on hectic weeks 😉

Alhamdulillah, our eBook, now in In-Print!

Gazillion thanks for your boundless love >_<










“A home without books is a body without soul” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Please do take great care vogue momma! May God bless your day, Amin~ 😉

Your Baby & Toddler from Birth to 3 Years

Post by MamaFiza on December 6, 2006 

Your Baby & Toddler By: Johnson’s
Type: Paperback | 183 x 235mm | 248 pages

About:”Packed full of information and pictures covering a wide range ofchildhood issues” Junior magazine.

Enjoy life with your child as you learn about their progress and behaviour with guidance and advice on common concerns from paediatricians, child psychologists and health professionals.

Bringing together Johnson’s, the most trusted name in babycare, and DK, one of the most respected childcare publishers has resulted in a down to earth approach that guides you through your child’s development during their first 3 years of childhood.

Full of great suggestions for toys and activities that will stimulate and nurture your child, this guide gives you the information you need to get the most from these vital early years.

Buku ini paling saya gemari kerana dengan hanya 1 buku ini, saya dapat memahami keperluan bayi dan anak-anak saya dari umur 1 hari hingga 3 tahun. Ringkas, mudah, padat dengan informasi serta sangat berkualiti.

Hasil kajian Pakar Kanak-Kanak iaitu Johnson’s yang semestinya dipercayai oleh ibu-ibu di serata dunia. Kos yang perlu saya keluarkan untuk bahan bacaan ini sangat berbaloi dengan ilmu yang ada di dalamnya kerana ianya hanya seperti saya berbelanja sebanyak RM 30.00 setahun untuk anak saya hingga anak berumur 3 tahun (RM 30.00 x 3 tahun = RM 90.00)

DK Healthcare: First Foods

Post by MamaFiza on October 10, 2006 

First Foods By: Dr Miriam Stoppard
Type: Paperback | 148 x 210mm

About: A practical guide to preparing delicious and healthy first foods. The first part of this book tells you all about weaning your baby and feeding an older baby and toddler, with helpful food preparation dos and don’ts.

You’ll find information on family and social eating, practical guidelines on nutrition and help with feeding problems, including food intolerance and allergies.

Separate charts suggest when to introduce different foods to your child and give advice on preparing and serving fresh fruits and vegetables.  The second part of this book is full of wonderful ideas for feeding children from nine months old. All the meals are based on finger foods.

They’re nutritionally balanced and generally made with foods that you’d use and prepare for the rest of the family.

Saya sangat percaya bahawa kecerdasan minda dan kesihatan hadir dari diet pemakanan yang seimbang, oleh sebab itu saya memilih buku ini untuk menjadi rujukan saya dalam menyediakan masakan yang pelbagai dan sihat untuk anak-anak saya.

Saya ingin melatih anak-anak saya agar peka terhadap kepentingan gizi seimbang bagi pertumbuhan mereka sejak dari bayi lagi kerana bak kata pepatah “melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya”.

Resipi yang terdapat dalam buku ini sangat mudah disediakan dan dapat menarik minat anak saya untuk mencuba makanannya pada setiap kali waktu makan. Alhamdulillah, anak-anak saya tidak memilih makanan, saya wujudkan persekitaran yang ceria dan bercerita kepada anak-anak sewaktu mereka makan bagi membangkitkan selera mereka.

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