The Cliquers Caffe Latte, Business Hang Out (ABS Apparel & Textiles)




Date: 23rd December 2013

Marvelous short learning programme, sent by my dearest adorable big boss Miss DS on behalf of HappyMindz Studio 😀 *arigatou gozaimasu boss!*

This short course may help to update and broaden skills and knowledge in specific area of apparel and textiles business *Alhamdulillah* >O<

Million thanks to Miss Taty from MamaYayaZone for organizing such a great event plus gazillion thanks to Miss Atikah from Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn Bhd for her endless generosity.

Note: Please deeply pardon me, honestly I’m unavoidably sick with sore throat T_T


“All lasting business is built on friendship” ~ Sir Alfred A. Montapert 



Full house *presented by Miss Haza!* >w< Recorded by Safiyya on TV9, respectable crew.



Hard working team of ABS Apparel & Textiles! ^O^ *salute*



Me with sweet teachers: Miss Nani (left side) and Miss Intan (right side) 😀



Me with awesome biz buddy Miss Taty (MamaYayaZone) and new pal Miss Nadzura ^_^



Yay, with lovely lady Miss Nani ^_-



With incredible business owners *hat’s off* : Miss Sue (EDZ) and Miss Wana (Butik Tateh)



ABS Team with cute teacher: Miss Muna Izzah 😉



Say, cheese! ^______^


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27. December 2013 by MamaFiza
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