I Can’t Possibly Do This Anymore . . .

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Date: 16th October 2012

. . . because finally, I’m officially a proud granny of 4!

And yes, most of the time it seems like it’s tricky for me to find free time to update this blog. Sadly even for auto-publish setup T-T

Now, let’s hear me rage (ha ha ha 😀 ). Oh boy, heavenly news to my busily yet blissful life! *Alhamdulillah*

. . . . . . .

. . .

. .


Miraculously . . . .

Hello kittens! Welcome to the world ^O^

Found out my latest “male” cat : Lil LucQ, is surprisingly a female! Gosh!
I thought he’s fluffy and chubby like Lil KasH, not pregnant belly >w<

Congratulation Lil LucQ! Alhamdulillah~ 😉

p/s: Guess who’s the kitty midwife?
It’s my precious kids! Subhanallah, I’m totally full of shocked.

Puzzle Pieces!

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Date: 26th May 2012

All persons are puzzles until at last we find in some word or act the key to the man, to the woman; straightway all their past words and actions lie in light before us”
~Sir Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spending time playing puzzle games together with my kids is an ideal way for family bonding time. *Alhamdulillah* 😉

Great job bro KiruaMi-cHan ^-^

Awesome job sis ReiHi-cHan ^O^

Helping ’em with gluing job! 😀

It’s Sunday!

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“If there wasn’t no fight, there wasn’t no weekend”
~ Sir O. J. Simpson

Have a beautiful and nice weekend ever, dearest lovely ladies ^-^
*Alhamdulillah* 😀

Fit ‘Em All!

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Life lessons from a child: embrace, enjoy, feel your emotions fully and make the best of it while you still can. It’s a beautiful life.

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