University Life, I’m Back!

Post by MamaFiza on September 21, 2012 



Date: 9th September 2012

Starting my university life again and yes: life will never be the same again! 😉

As I’m officially still a full time housewife *no maid rules*, continuing corporate life as general manager for my big boss company * generously Miss DS!* , homeschool advocate for my dearest family, interior designer as my on-site work, humanitarian volunteer duty + certified lactation counselor by Ministry of Health Malaysia, gosh I’m so grateful to you Lord!!! Alhamdulillah >w< *happy tears*

Juggling work + studies + family life = New M.E!

Full of excitement!

I’ve always wanted to pursue a higher level of education and help others (as previously I’m an ex-MMU student). Alhamdulillah, I’m able to achieve my goal despite my age, now.

Honestly, this is my true happiness. Gazillion thanks to my dearest hubby and my beloved kids for their endless prayer and support *bear hugs*, my eternal love for you >__< Thanks to my sweet lady boss (I really respect for her encouragement), I heart you, a lot! ^-^

My first day outfit. Bon voyage! 😀
p/s: Instead of my real name, my Professor calls me “mama” or “mamafiza” all the time! LOL.


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