How To Make An Open Terrarium

Post by MamaFiza on September 20, 2011 

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PhotoBlog@ Open Air Terrarium.

moshi-moshi to my gorgeous momma 😉

Wishing you a happy week ahead, Amin~ *cheers*

Another speedy update for our classrooom project: a terrarium!

Terrariums can be categorized basically into 3 different types:

Let’s start it, now!
p/s: if you’re using glass container, please do make sure to clean it well with hot, soapy water before you start.

You’ll need a clean container, activated charcoal or potting soil, seeds/moss/miniature plants, water, pebbles.

Start with a thin layer of small pebbles on the floor of  your preferable container.

Almost done! >O<

Second layers! >w<

Cover the pebbles with a thin layer of charcoal, then add-on potting soil and wal-lah. It’s time for decoration 😀

Alhamdulillah, mission accomplished ^_-
Hello sharpy and fluffy cacti!  *yup, those are nicknames, giggles*

From the above *whoaaa!*

Weeeeeeheeeee! >____________<
Great job kids! *high-5*
Friendly friends, do remember to check the terrarium at least twice or trice a week.

Honestly, with something as simple as this terrarium project is a gateway for you to teach some science lessons to your children about the importance of nature, the life cycle of plants, and the crucial of interaction in eco-systems, its interconnectedness, and our role as stewards in helping with the care and last but not least, the love.


Alright then, it’s time for weekly question. What type of terrarium would you like to make?

Feel free to show off your new terrarium with us by sharing the link here 😉 Thank you, lovely ladies.

Please take a good care, may God always blessed your day, Amin~

13. A Special Dedication To A Special Friend

Post by KiruaMi-cHan on September 15, 2011 

Hello friends 😀

How are you today?

I’m back for quick update with a thank you note.

Today I like to say thank you to bro Sir Syed Aiman (gameraiman15) for his kindness. Thanks a lot for the great present bro 😀

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

The happiest boy:

It’s very generous of you bro Aiman to support my interest in cars.
I love to attend the event with my papa.

p/s: thank you Mak Ngah (Miss meamizuno) for sent this package to me.

I’m really thank you!
[Elhamdulillah] 😀

Senyuman Yang Takkan Hilang

Post by MamaFiza on September 14, 2011 

Salam sejahtera dan salam ceria buat teman-teman berbudi luhur yang saya sanjungi 😉

Moga sinar Aidilfitri memberikan nafas baru buat kita semua setelah bulan mulia Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dimanfaatkan dengan sebaiknya, Insya-Allah. Amin ^____^

Ya Tuhan, sudah hampir 4 bulan lamanya saya tidak dapat mengemaskini laman blog ini -_- (*maafkan saya!*).

Jadual harian saya amat padat dengan urusan tugasan luar dan rutin persekolahan di rumah buat anakanda saya bagi tahun 2011 ini, sehingga tidak menang tangan untuk menyelesaikannya >w<.

Alhamdulillah, terlalu banyak perkara dan berita baik (berganda-ganda) yang telah dikurniakan Ilahi buat keluarga saya pada tahun ini *tangisan kesyukuran* 😀

Jutaan terima kasih atas doa suci dan kasih sayangmu, teman-teman yang baik hati. Moga Tuhan sentiasa membalas yang terbaik buat kalian yang saya kasihi, Amin~

Kelibat bulan purnama yang sungguh cantik telah berjaya mencuri perhatian saya sewaktu di dalam salah satu sesi perjalanan kelana kerja.
Allahu Akbar, indahnya ciptaan Yang Maha Esa!!!

Saya juga mohon ribuan maaf kerana tidak dapat membalas email yang diutuskan oleh teman-teman jelitawan secara peribadi disebabkan perihal diatas. Namun, ingatan dan jasa baik kalian tidak akan saya lupakan. Doa saya pasti buatmu, Amin ^O^

Cetakan kedua buku Hidangan Si Cilik akan terbit di pasaran dengan segera (sebelum November tahun ini, Insya-Allah). Jika terdapat sebarang kemusykilan, mohon bertanya pada Tuan Amir Hamzah di email . Terima kasih ^-^

Di dalam kesibukkan mencari rezeki dan menyediakan menu sihat harian untuk famili, saya juga sempat “bertukang” selama 1-2 jam sehari bagi menyiapkan bilik belajar si manja sebelum bulan Ramadhan menjelma. Alhamdulillah ^_-
p/s: sudah 3 tahun bilik ini tidak di cat semula.

Insya-Allah, kita bertemu lagi di masa hadapan.

Mohon jaga kesihatanmu dengan baik, teman-teman *pelukan rindu*!

Teruskan usahamu dengan senyuman 😉





Homeschool Classroom (New Setup)

Post by MamaFiza on September 13, 2011 

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Month of Outstation Duty.


PhotoBlog@ New Homeschool Classroom.

Ohayo gozaimasu to my dearest pretty girls 😉

May you’re in the pink of health, Amin~ *triple hugs*

I have always agreed with my dearest hubby when he said his favorite phrase “Our children deserve the best!“.

Yes, of course! They’re so little and cute but unbeatable hard work.

We’re so busy with outstation work schedule this year, add-on with daily homeschool lesson, but we’ve been working on it secretly for a few days (changing new homeschool room setup).

Gazillion thanks to my dear hubby for endless support and help to ensure this new setup can be accomplished before 1st Ramadhan 2011. Remarkably love it, lots of love for you PaPa!!! * tickles, hugs and kisses* Alhamdulillah.

With big smiles, let’s take a tour ^___^:

Theme:  Dreamy Daffodils & Creamy Stitches ^_-

New herb plants and flowers (roses and daisies) for scientific observation.
From left to right: YunaFi-cHan’s study table, ReiHi-cHan’s study table, spotted her new fairies book? *a gift from PaPa for her latest achievement in reading, Alhamdulillah*

Latest vision board for KiruaMi-cHan 😀
Yup, that’s his new Al-Quran + prayer mat *his beloved gold theme!* (rewarded from PaPa as his hard work and accomplishment for learning Quran & Tajweed with me 5 times per week).
Spotted cactus for upcoming project?
p/s: thank you so much to awesome pal Sir Syed Aiman for your great present to our lil son. He’s truly appreciate ’em!

New “Parent’s Station” at our homeschool classroom *Alhamdulillah*.
My cuddly hubby’s add-on this section for me so I could guide plus monitoring their computer use  while they’re online in cyber world.
Spotted goatskin, my mini Gundam and 2nd copies of Mona Lisa’s puzzle + vision board? OMG, I’ve too many personal corner at this sweet home >O<

In the dark, with my kids laptop.

Full with happy tears *yummylicious~*
Spotted height chart?

View from left to right: Hide-cHan’s study table, KiruaMi-cHan’s study table.

Totally blessed! Thank You, Lord >w<
Spotted reading area?

Our whiteboard and map corner.
Picture taken on 3rd Ramadhan 2011.

Tadaaa ^____________^

Precious bloomed!



So now, it’s your turn. Please kindly share with us on how do you set up a work area for your lil student? 😉

See you soon my hot mommies, may God always blessed your family, Amin~

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