Urgent Emergency Leave! (What Can You Do When You Have No Internet Connection?)

Post by MamaFiza on October 31, 2010 

May you’ve a splendid day my beauteous ladies πŸ˜‰

Sorry for urgent announcement, LittleKittle Studio Crew (the whole team!) will be away officially from 1st November 2010 till 4th November 2010 for unavoidable emergency leave.

Please kindly wait for next reply on 5th November 2010 (starting from 4am-6am). Gazillion thanks for your loveliness and sincere patient my ladies.

p/s: My gorgeous babe, truly need your immediate help, please kindly send your love & prayer for my beloved grandma (just admitted to Hospital Serdang last Saturday T-T). Thank you so much sugar!!!

World’s most amazing grandmother~ Please get well soon.

O’ Mighty Lord! I love her deeply T-T

My New Sewing Machine

Post by MamaFiza on October 27, 2010 

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Week of Outstation Job .



Ohaiyo gozaimasu glorious girls πŸ˜‰

May you’ve a good week and may God blessed your dearest family. Amin~

A lil update for our new sewing machine: Singer 8280 (11th October 2010) , a special gift from my dearest hubby for me as praise of true dedication in teaching my kids to sew. Awww *heart melt >w<

Gosh, my lovely kids tried it for their evening sewing lesson and simply loved it ^-^ It is actually super easy to use.

β€œThank you to my dear Miss Lydia Looi for her kindness of 1 hour sewing intensive class just for me. I learned more than I could ever imagined! She’s truly remarkable seamstress ”~MamaFiza

To be honest, I grew up using my mom’s modern Singer’s brand sewing machine and my grandma’s gorgeous old metal Singer machine (those with the iron wheel on; you pushed with your feet back and forth to get it going), and better yet, those are the best! Both worked like a charm. I still remember it from my childhood days as I used to help my mom to sew curtains and mini-project πŸ˜€

My grandma always told me to be wise and don’t pay for more than you need, as example: Please never ever buy more machine or gadget than you need.Β  And you may end up frustrated.

For the next day, I completed 5 homemade sewing projects requested by PTS Millenia professional senior editor, Miss Ashikin for our family’s next week photo-shoot session (Yes, it’s for our first book cover!).

Alhamdulillah, miraculously it went so smoothly, plus with neat stitches, no messy threads on the backside of the fabric. Furthermore,Β  it is a quiet machine too.

I just can’t wait to try out more sewing project with this cute machine.

Tadaaaa *yeay*

Blissful day, thank you Lord!

Believe me, sewing is much fun when the machine works well with you.

It’s a great choice and I have no regrets ^___^
p/s: thank you so much to my cheeky honey bee.

Yes, my sewing table had been setup by my dear love: hubby with additional yellow light. Movable front-side wire cable slot included to keep it tidy.
I even work on designing & book writing job with those lights (you may find it everywhere at my private workstation), due to I can’t stand normal bright light because of my sensitive eyes. Hoho!

Under my sewing table.
(Do pardon me, I need to use iron regularly.)

Will reveal full version of my photo-shoot props once I get permission from my wonderful lady, Miss Ashikin.
Add-on Custom-Made embroidery πŸ˜€
Oh yes, I didn’t choose for a computer control sewing machine since I wasn’t planning to do commercial embroidery.

So my hot alluring ladies, please tell me and share your opinion:

Happy sewing time super momma πŸ˜€

p/s: Thank you for your sincere support, I’ll try my best to reply your FB, email & SMS once I’m free from my dateline. Love to read ’em all ^_-

Please do email LittleKittle.com’s Studio crew at littlekittlestore@gmail.com if you like to start your online business with only RM199. Check ’em out, pretty babe~

Happy Deepavali

Post by MamaFiza on October 26, 2010 

Wish all our Indian friends Happy Deepavali πŸ˜€

Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Cheers~

Cheeseeee >O<
Bright and cheerful color at IOI Mall.
We’re truly amazed by colorful “Kolam Deepavali” a.k.a Rangoli creative rice art. Brilliant!

Thank You Google!

Post by The King on October 25, 2010 

Just received Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher early last week, computerized letter from Sir Derek Callow: Head of Business Marketing, Google Southeast Asia.

Eagerly waiting for 4th cash-out, Thank You Google πŸ˜€

God is gracious.

*haha hehe haha ho*

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Have you tried Google Adwords, yet?

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