Pertemuan Kedua Yang Penuh Rahsia

Post by MamaFiza on April 26, 2010 

Lihatlah si jelitawan bertudung berona hijau daun zaitun πŸ˜€

Beliau mempunyai keperibadian yang luhur dan amat rajin menyiapkan tugasannya.

Beliau adalah insan kesayangan saya, bernama Cik Ashikin.

Mahu berkenalan? Marilah bersama kita ke pejabat PTS Editorial! *Heee .Β  .Β  . *

Event: Launch Party for TM iTalkWhoa!

Post by MamaFiza on April 12, 2010 

Good afternoon sublime ladies πŸ˜‰

Wish you’re in great health *hugs*

Alhamdulillah we’re in wonderful time and truly occupied in heavy schedule throughout this week ^-^

Today I managed to squeeze a lil time to update about the iTalkWhoa party πŸ˜€

Oh, yes. BTW, do you still remember my previous post regarding “Beyond Technology: Rebalancing Your Busy Life with iTalkWhoa” ?

It is the latest services brought by TM that allows you keep-in-touch with your family and friends, anywhere around the globe with FREE internet calls. Isn’t a WHOA? Definitely!

Please do kindly check out this link if you like to know more about iTalkWhoa, okie dookie?

We’ve been invited by Telekom Malaysia *gazillion thanks to TM* for iTalkWhoa Party at Borneo Rainforest Club, Sunway.

What a superb experienced for my kids and me. We love the event. We met more than 80 coolest Bloggers and Media. Fantastically Happening! With Q&A session, games and special appearance by Bunkface band ^O^

Firstly, Mr. Jeremy Kung: CEO of TMnet, gave a speech about the iTalkWhoa! (p/s: it’s his birthday!) then shortly, a Q&A session (includes Sir Azizi Hadi) are held to all Media & Bloggers for more explanation about iTalkWhoa services.

CreditsΒ  to my big boy: KiruaMi-cHan, for taking such an amazing photos during the important event. To my big girl: ReiHi-cHan, as my dearest assistant for the whole night.

To the King & my cute girls: Thank you for your endless support *tears*

Now, let’s enjoy some of the photos. Shall we?Β  πŸ˜‰


It’s TM iTalkWhoa! nite >_<

Me and my girly girl.

Theme code for the event: Black & Orange.

We paired black apparel and match with orange accessories

(yep, big bro with his orange wrist band!).


Greeted by sweet lady Miss Jaclyn ^_-

Colorful light~


Miss Host! Very beautiful lady, indeed πŸ˜‰

Paparazzi? *just joking* ^-^


Our lucky crib ^_- (thank God!)

Me with best buddy Miss Yus!

My kids love her so much~

Waiting for Bunkface~

Whoa! That’s HUGE speaker.

Special performance by Bunkface band.

Gosh, they’re SUPER! *hat’s off*


My kids and me with Sir Sam, Bunkface~

He’s very generous guy.

Yummy foods πŸ˜€

Salad bar, ladies!

Hey, Mr DJ, yo!

After math~

Bye, bye, party~


That’s all from now πŸ˜€ Don’t forget to subscribe at

Last but not least, thank you again to TM for the sincere invitation, we truly had a great night partying with bloggers and medias. Thank Y-O-U!

See ya later hot mommies. Do take extra care.

May God blessed your week. Gambatte ne~ met and RedDaddy! (TEASER)

Post by MamaFiza on April 11, 2010 

Happy holiday lovely ladies πŸ˜‰

May God blessed your weekend with great happiness, Amin~ *hugs*

A lil teaser for yesterday Nuffnang’s advertorial job event *Alhamdulillah*. Fully sponsored by generous client: TBA later.

OMG, can’t believe myself when I met my blogging guru: Miss Red Diva together with her soul-mate Sir RedDaddy, covering the same event *tears*

It’s like a dream come true as previously we managed to get the opportunity to work with Sir Kenny Sia ^_-

Plus, we met another sweet and cuddly lady blogger (hot pink!). To be reveal soon ^-^

It’s an honored for us to meet Miss Red Diva and Sir Red Daddy πŸ˜€
Very inspired by her alluring personality and blogging marketing skills. No one can defeat her in her specialties and uniqueness.
I described her core values as law of attraction.
p/s: click here to view another TweetPhoto by Miss Diva in Red.

Everything is a mystery, ourselves, and all things both simple and humble ~ Giorgio Morandi

Insya-Allah, will try my best to post a new update again soon after my special confidential project to be accomplish by end of next week. I can hardly keep it as secret any longer. Result of too happy I guess, lol >O< *grateful to God!*

Please don’t forget to take extra care, hot mommies.

Do enjoy your weekend with your precious family πŸ˜‰ Ja ne~

Misteri Hilangnya Adik Kecil

Post by MamaFiza on April 10, 2010 

Ke mana halatuju adik-adik comel ini?

Oh, jangan bimbang πŸ˜‰

Alhamdulillah, mereka tidak hilang daripada pandangan ibubapanya.

Hanya si cilik ini leka membeli-belah bersama keluarganya.

Sempat pula bergaya dihadapan cermin kaca ^-^

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