Happy Eid ul Adha (What a Treat!)

Post by MamaFiza on November 28, 2009 

Greetings to my cute ladies πŸ˜‰

Hope you’ll enjoy your holiday.

An instantaneous update from me tonight.

To my miraculous Muslim readers, I hope you all have a lovely Eid ul Adha!

May Allah bless you with peace and great health. Wishing you a blessed Eid ul Adha filled with all the joys you bring in to my life! *hugs*

Well November is gone and December will arrive soon. Eid ul Adha is one of our favorite holiday, it is the one time of the year that I get to spend lots of time with my bigΒ  family and enjoy all of our favorite foods.

Of course, grandma, mom & m-i-l has their favorites and I have mine (I always love to contribute my part for Western dishes *lol*) . Combined we can throw together one awesome Eid ul Adha Lunch. Everyone has their one favorite dish that they look forward to every year. You know the one dish you cant wait to dig into when it’s placed on the table. Same goes to me, and I could sit and eat it all with my kids.

I have it easy, we are going to my grandma’s house and all I have to bring is the Scrumptious Cheesecake, yipee! My grandma, mom & m-i-l are wonderful cooks! My sis Mea, is the best assistant for my beloved mom ^-^

Being home with my big family was a marvelous treat. They are fun people and I love them.


One of the Eid ul Adha traditions we enjoy in my family is this dessert πŸ˜€

A creative treat made with cream cheese, crushed cookies, and chocolates.
Oh, such eye candy!!!


Our dinner last Wednesday ^_-
Arabian Grilled Chicken
(Dajjaj Mashwi) with
Arabian Chicken Curry
(Dajjaj Bil Curry).

Alhamdulillah, I got to spend time with my family this week. All of us. We are all healthy together.

The more people I meet, the more I realize that what I have is precious. I have been lucky in life and I am thankful for it. Thank you Lord!

Please do enjoy your holiday too my sweet gals, cheer up! *cuddles*

p/s: I’ll be traveling by end of this week. Gazillion thanks to Miss Redmummy for sponsoring the event! I heart your kindness, may God bless your amazing family. Amin πŸ˜‰ I live a pretty great life and I am truly truly thankful for all my blessings.

p/s: Thank you for your request regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), we have 2 event listed (December 2009 & February 2010)! Do email me for details.

Guess What We SPOTTED Last Night!

Post by MamaFiza on November 25, 2009 


Oh, oh, cutie pie!

What a special night for our lucky kids! *Alhamdulillah* πŸ˜‰

So . . .

It’s amazing, it’s real, but what it is?

Yes, my brave boy KiruaMi-cHan spotted “something” a.k.a Little Fella, just after I turn off light in our homeschool room as we’re going to sleep. Great job bro! *hugs*

But actually it’s not last night *sigh*, it happened last week.

At first moment, the King (PaPa) thought big bro KiruaMi-cHan was trying to play around and made an excuse to stay up late *lol* (uh oh, because my kids and I love late-night-camping-games every weekends).

This is it?


La la la . . .

Whoppsss . . .

Nope ^-^


Those were our breakfast for yesterday. Homemade Fabulous Baguette! (French bread).

Lovelies . . .

Warm andΒ  freshly baked bread topped with the flavors of butter and garlic and my special homemade bologne beef sauces (with a special blend of tasty herbs and spices), then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese πŸ˜‰

. . . . .

. . .

. .


Oh, read below post to reveal the truth πŸ˜‰

It isΒ  . . . .


Tadaa . . . πŸ˜€

A light bug!


Hello there adorable friend! ^-^


Oh, so tiny . . .


New discovery! ^0^

Below is special video from my kids and I, dedicated to our Little Fella via our new YouTube channel:

YouTube channel: LittleKittleTV

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.


Lightning Bugs are the same as Fireflies. They are members of a particular family of the Beetle Order. The Firefly Family is technically known as the Lampyridae.

Lightning Bugs are beetles. They can’t be “flies” as their name suggests because “flies” are members of the Fly Order. Glow-worms, which produce light similar to Lightning Bug‘s, also are beetles, but they belong to a different though closely related family, the Phengodidae. Don’t you know? There are many Lightning Bug species in this world πŸ˜€


Okie dookie, end of our daily science explorer time.

May God bless your homescholing days πŸ˜‰ Amin~

All the best.

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Delightful Carte du Jour

Post by MamaFiza on November 23, 2009 

Happy Monday afternoon hot ladies πŸ˜‰

How’s your weekend my dear? Hope you’ll be cherished your holiday with your loved one.

Just a swift update regarding our last week menu *Alhamdulillah*.

BTW, I would like to know: Do you have a weekly menu of meals that your family likes or more importantly eats?

Our family weekly menu is posted on the fridge (so it is easily viewable) including the grocery list right along with it. And I have no excuses to skip ’em!

I’m 100% in-charge of my family healthyrecipes. However, deep inside, it’s actually satisfying and calming πŸ˜‰ It saves so much time and money *believe me!*. Have you realized by now how much I love simplicity!

With my menu planner, it helps me to look it over each morning so I can get a head start on dinner preparations. I always stick strictly to it. From my monthly menu plan, I made a monthly shopping list of ingredients needed for the recipes.


Yesterday lunch: Crispy Chunky Beef Veggies Pizza
(Large Size, I made 6 pieces!) ^-^

My tips on how to make your homemade pizza deliciously crispy and crunchy?
Please rub your pizza base with olive oil and after that layered with garlic butter before proceed with bologne sauces πŸ˜€ Simple rite?


Yesterday dinner: Baked Macaroni Chicken with Cauliflower,
Creamy Mushroom, Herbs & Cheese Sauces

Yesterday dessert: Smooth Silky Chocolate Cheesecake ^0^


Spinach Fettuccine with Lamb Herb Stew.Β  Just can’t resist!


Grilled Stingray with Turmeric Leaves πŸ˜‰


Uh oh! Grilled Stingray with Stir-Fry Veggies~


Chicken Green Curry with Steamed Veggies ^_-

Since year 2004, every week, one of my aims during the holiday break was to compile a monthly menu plan. I was first inspired to work out a monthly menu plan by my cooking guru: Sir Jamie Oliver! It is a good challenge.

So how about yours? Do care to share with me here with your family menu tips πŸ˜‰ Gazillion thanks~


Keep on fresh & healthy dishes for your family, mommies !

May Allah swt always bless & help you πŸ˜‰Β  Amin~

Gambatte ne! *cuddles*

p/s: Thank you for your request regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), we have 2 event listed (December 2009 & February 2010)! Do email me for details.

Books Heaven!

Post by MamaFiza on November 20, 2009 

Good Friday dear charming mommies πŸ˜‰

Wish you all the best and may you enjoy your day with your beloved little angel *hugs*

Another speedy update for this week.

Alhamdulillah, we spent so much memorable time together while books hunting for this months (November 2009).Β  As new year will be coming soon, we need to accomplish our homeschool year of 2009 quaesitum.

Thanks to the King for his endless fortify support.

Gosh, I’ve lots of homeschool activities, homemade foods, field trips & makeup tutorial update to be publish soon. Will be update later, k? >_<

Below are some of our gallery pics in the mission for books hunting:

Do you love books or do you love reading? I heart both! πŸ˜‰


Safe & sounds!
My new cookbook, our kids new books & educational posters. Cost: RM400+

Due to we spent a lot (every month) at MPH & Kinokuniya, we always obtained books voucher from both bookstores. Gazillion thanks~


Camwhore with my lil girl ReiHi-cHan ^-^


CheeseΒ  . . . !


My big boy: Parkour at Mid Valley >_<
Anytime, anywhere~


My prince!


My cheeky lil girl YunaFi-cHan~ πŸ˜€

*beginner in parkour extreme sport*


My lil baby HidE-cHan, amazed with PaPa’s trick (pic had been cut off! *lol*)


Wonderful crews of Nandos Restaurant, Mid Valley.
p/s: we received free Eco-bags for spending more than RM130 on meals.
Thank you!


Spicy sauces, but we heart ’em ^_-






Have a great weekendΒ  mommies πŸ˜‰ Homeschooling is ROCK!

May Allah swt always bless & help you. Amin~

Gambatte ne! *cuddles*

p/s: Thank you for your request regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), only 2 extra seats available today πŸ˜‰ Do email me for details.

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