Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Workshop with MamaFiza

Post by MamaFiza on October 20, 2009 

Note: Please click this link for latest update about WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza at Cititel Mid Valley hotel (26th December 2009). TQ!


Good morning my sweet ladies 😉

Have you always wanted to spend more time with family?

Do you want to have it ALL – a great family life and a fantastic career too?

What are you waiting for? You can do so now. With work from home business opportunities available today, earning a steady income is a real possibility.

The amount you can make online from home is not limited to anything but how much time you spend building your business.

The more time working on building it the more successful you can be.


Life is real time. Your business coach should work around your real life, because you have real problems.

If you need help with clear advice, give you answers, and get you there as work at home mom & teaching your kids at the same time, I’ll work with you, help you get to your goals, provide the advice and research your questions, and if you are wanting to work with me long term, we’ll come up with a Yearly Life Track plan and focus on positive parenting. ~ MamaFiza

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t work at home and be successful because you definitely CAN.

One should have a balanced approach to work. Detect your finer aspects for positive vibes: that’s where smart work comes in. In this high tension world, where struggle for life is quite evident in every walk of life, one should realize oneself to the full potential.

Who Should Attend?

This fresh workshop is strictly open for WOMEN (Moms, WAHM, SAHM, FTWM, Moms-to-be, Young Lady).


Guaranteed ?

You’ll start your online business in January-February 2010.

WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza, includes X-Tra Bonus :

FREE Domain .com (1 year) + FREE Web Hosting 2GB (1 year)
+  FREE 1 Ready Made Layout Design+ ShoutBox!
This fees includes domain + web server + web maintenance for 1 year.

Yearly payment for renewal A + B is only RM 150!
*2nd renewal and for future.

WAHM Workshop FeeRM 899 RM 549

Dateline for sign-up & promotion price: 10th January 2010.

Don’t have time to meet me personally? Same packages like the above promotion however with less fee! 

Now, you can book me for an online coaching session (one-on-one via Skype Online). Only RM449 (3 hours) 😉 ~ MamaFiza

FULL OPEN for booking: 21, 23, 25 , 28, 30 December 2009.

OPEN for booking: 22, 24, 26  February 2010.  1, 3 March 2010.

Events Schedule: WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza

Date: 27 February 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9 am-1pm

City: Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor (Hotel)

(will be held in B.Malaysia + English)

If you’re interested, please email me ( with your personal details, preferable business interest & location for event.

Do take care hot mommies, see you there 😀


  1. yus says:

    Oh dear, I’d really love to join you.
    Yet, cant make any decision now at this moment.

    Thank you for calling me my dear friend.
    Hope to get back on track soon!!

  2. MamaFiza says:

    Dear my cute momma Miss Yus 😉

    Please, do take your time sweetie, no rush, okie dookie?

    I’ll always pray for you. Cheer up! *hugs, hugs*

    All the best, Amin~ >_<

  3. ayu says:

    hi, fiza.

    i ayu, nak tau dgn lebih lanjut WAHM.
    bole call i 0122330568.
    i sebenarnya berniaga tudung kecil-kecilan, so skrg ni kalau bole nak kembangkan perniagaan melalui online, tapi tak tau bagaimana nak mula.
    diharap fiza bole bagi panduan.

  4. MamaFiza says:

    Hi there cute lady Miss Ayu 🙂

    Thank you for your inquiry. I’ll definitely replied you via email by next week as I’m not around for outstation job (6-7days!).

    Please do take care and may God bless your day *hugs*

  5. coachsha says:

    count me in please. you know me…forgetful at times so i need a reminder of the event way ahead of time.


  6. JoJo Jack Jnr says:

    Hiya Wasup.
    I read your post on
    Very informative
    In fact I have been searching for something similar for yonks is definitely on my bookmarks now.
    Great effort well done !

  7. harfilzan says:


    x buat kat kuantan ker?

  8. MamaFiza says:

    Dear cuddly friend Miss CoachSha 😉 ,

    Gosh, I’m truly honor! Thank you so much for your lovely support, may God bless your great troop >_<

    Okie dookie, will do follow-up via email.

  9. MamaFiza says:

    Dear brilliant lady Miss harfilzan 😉

    Thank you for your inquiry ^-^

    Surely will come to Kuantan if more than 10 participants request on same area/venue. BTW, you may opt for Skype version if you like.

    Please take care, best wishes for your online biz *hugs*

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  11. Laila says:

    Hi Fiza,

    Ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang WAHM.
    Saya bekerja di Kelang, bukan seorang ibu tetapi berminat untuk memulakan perniagaan di internet.

    Saya berniaga tudung dan fabrik secara kecil-kecilan dan bercadang untuk mengembangkannya melalui perniagaan di internet.

    Walaupun bukan seorang ibu, saya juga berminat dengan early education.

    Bagaimana WAHM dapat membantu saya?

  12. MamaFiza says:

    Dear sweet lady Miss Laila 😉 ,

    Thank you darl for your inquiry >_< Please do check your email sweetie pie. Just sent you an email today *hugs*

    All the best!

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  14. Aznie says:

    Dear MamaFiza,

    Just found your website..

    Regarding your WAHM workshop, is the seat still available. Since the dateline already due. Willing to know further regarding work at home matter.

    Looking forward your reply.


  15. MamaFiza says:

    Dear pretty lady Miss Aznie 😉 ,

    Thank you sweetie for your request >_< Please do check your email today hun~

  16. Excellent point of view, I totally agree with the importance of your blog…

  17. nelcyndana says:

    count me in pls. sorry just read ur emails…

  18. MamaFiza says:

    Dear vogue lady Miss nelcyndana 😉

    Thank you for your kind request darl ^_^ Do check your email inbox, okie dookie?

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  20. liza_arisa says:

    Hi mamafiza,

    wanted to join ur WAHM workshop..but already passed do i go about..pls help..tq

  21. MamaFiza says:

    Dear superwoman Miss Liza Arisa 😉

    Thank you for your inquiry my lady. Please do check your email box, okie dookie? May God bless your day darl! *hugs*

  22. lissa says:

    mail me bout WAHM pls.. thanks. 🙂

  23. MamaFiza says:

    Dear cute lady Miss Lissa 😉

    Thank you for your request. Please check your email box >0< Have a great day!

  24. UmmiAN says:

    Assalamualaikum wbt,

    can u email to me about WAHM.Ada perancangan utk itu.Harap mamafiza dapat membantu. Thanks.

  25. MamaFiza says:

    Dear elegant lady Miss UmmiAn 😉

    Thank you for your lovely inquiry. Please check your email today, I just sent full details about WAHM Workshop to you >_<

    Take care darl, Salam Aidiladha *hugs*

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  27. […] Thank you for your request regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), we have 2 event listed (December 2009 & February 2010)! Do email me for […]

  28. maya says:

    Slm mama fiza..

    saya dah ada x tau nk expand blog saya ni..boleh bgtau cara nya..saya mmng berminat untuk berniaga..dh bermcm2 saya dh jual.. tlong …

    maya 0179841303

  29. MamaFiza says:

    Dear pretty lady Miss Maya 😉

    Thank you darl for your inquiry. Please do check your email inbox, okie dookie? See ya very soon >_<

  30. Syahida says:

    Salam MamaFiza,

    Were introduced to your webbie by hubby 🙂 and I am very keen on really becoming a successful WAHM. I’d Love to register for your WAHM Workshop but not sure how to, would appreciate some guidance here.

    I have been a SAHM for a full 2 years now. Like you, I also practice tandem feeding to my 2.5yr old & 8.5mth old sons. They have Alhamdulillah grown into very loving siblings, much to our liking.

    I yearn for guidance to get better at being an “at-home-mom” since I have been given this opportunity by hubby to be one. Not many mummies are as lucky! I wanna be more effective, doing more with the time I have with them. I want to start homeschooling but haven’t had the time to read up or do any research for that matter (still improving on my time organization, splitting between house chores, mummy duties & wifely responsibilities-you get the picture)!

    I need help, personally mainly because my family members esp. my mum looks at me like some loser by not working in an office. To most of them if your not earning any income more so if you dont hold any full time job, ur hopeless and needs urgent HELP! what they fail to understand is I now have TIME in my hands that I can put to better use i.e. BUILDING my family and etc…

    Please help. I could really use some motivation. Hubby and I are strong believers and followers of Kiyosaki, T. Harv Ecker and the sort. We believe that at the end of the day, we want to have both TIME & MONEY in our hands. At the moment, We have achieved 1 of them 🙂

    Please feel free to contact me on my mobile so we can talk more. Online chatting i think can only happen if hubby is at home and not doing work, we can arrangge for it tho.

    Thanks Mama Fiza.

    Syahida 01*-*******

  31. MamaFiza says:

    Dearest lovely momma Miss Syahida 😉 ,

    Firstly, let me give you a warm bear hugs *giddy giddy* Why? Because you’re true believe & follower in tandem nusing >__< That's awesome! *high-5* I'll always pray for you. Amin~

    Pretty girl, I'm truly touched by reading your sincere comment, may God blessed you great momma! Please do check your email box for your inquiry. Send my hugs and kisses to your charming princes 😀 Spread the love~

    Keep up your wonderful work. Don't look back. I believe you're superb lady!

  32. coachsha says:

    Salam Muharram! How was the last WAHM? Must be happening, oh..i missed the fun. My calendar is still open for 27th feb, so i’d like to reserve a seat.

    p/s: I’m creating an additional stream of income now, alhamdulillah through an e-learning program. Can’t wait to learn more from you, sis.

  33. MamaFiza says:

    Dear brainy occupied business-lady Miss CoachSha 😉

    Subhanallah, salam Muharram to you my sweet pal ^-^

    Alhamdulillah, WAHM Workshop last Saturday was a BLAST! Can’t wait to update, due to my limited time, I’ll try my best to post the article by this week? Insya-Allah *weee*

    Yes, surely darling, I’ll ask hotel management for any extra seat left.

    p/s: Gosh, that's terrific news! Congratulation my dear, I'll always pray for your success. Amin~ *bear hugs* Kisses to your magnetizing kids 😀

  34. Azie says:

    dear miss fiza..

    I’m SAHM for about 3 years condition is the same like syahida..i like to be like u..homeschooling ur kids..n also WAHM..recently, i just started part-time homeschooling for my lovely daughters..3 n 6 using ur ways to ur kids..

    I look forward ur advise n suggestion..on how to start biz at home to earn my own income n also useful guidelines for homeschooling ..i’ve some biz to revealed in my mind but afraid to bear a risk n dunno how to start..

    hope u can help me on this situation..and can be reached at this number..012-*******

  35. MamaFiza says:

    Dear bunny lady Miss Azie 😉 ,

    Thank you very much for visiting our family blog, may God blessed your lovely heart >_0<

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  38. […] best pal Miss Yus to me ^_- *certainly, she surprised me on my WAHM event with this cute present* Thank you sweetie for splendid planner! […]

  39. daintymommy says:

    Oh mamaFiza, how i wish i could go to your workshop right away! I strictly need to increase my monthly savings for thia.
    Save,save,save. that’s what im doing now.
    Looking forward to see you one fine day..
    all the best for all WAHM!

  40. nelcyndana says:

    salam mamafiza,

    missed your 1st & 2nd WAHM workshops. looking forward for your third, hopefully I’ll be able to join it at last. can’t wait.

  41. Marina says:

    Dear Mamafiza,

    Salam. I’m very really impress with your capabality of being a full-time mom & at the same time success in your career from home. My sister and me are in the midst of planning/setting-up an on-line business for breasfeeding gear. We would very much appreciate if you could give precious opinion on how we could make this as our WAHM career. Further, when is your next WAHM workshop as I’m really interested to join in.

    Thanking you in advance mamafiza.


  42. eifa says:


    I’m interested to join the WAHM workshop.
    I’m staying in Puchong.

    Is the event still open for sign-up? Coz it is stated up there that the dateline for sign-up & promotion price: 10th January 2010 🙁

    If registration is already closed, may I know when the next workshop will be held?

    Please email me with the details. I’d really love to join in.
    Thank you…

  43. yanie says:

    Hai mamafiza,

    tahniah…u’re so young n successful…

    i’m interest to know how be successful mom…can u email to me the detail…i lov u join…thanks…

  44. Leeza says:

    Hye Fiza,

    Wish I can attend too, but have no time by end of February. Quite bz for few office commitment. can u plz email me in details the online coaching session? Hope to hear a reply soon.


  45. liza says:

    mamafiza bantu sy untuk pendaftaran

  46. sHikiN says:

    Salam MamaFiza,

    Im interested to know more about WAHM and Homeschooling methods – I’m now in the process considering to quit my current job and venture homeschooling for my kids. Same case as Syahida above, i need to be strong and have enough support to make this change in mylife… fortunately I have a very understanding HuBBY. Appreciate your advise on this… thanks!

  47. Rosmah says:

    Salam mamafiza,
    Saya ada blog melaluinya saya menjual kek so saya nak tanya bagaimana mamafiza boleh membantu saya mengembangkannya melalui WAHM boleh terangkan dengan lebih detail kalau boleh in BAHASA ok terima kasih..

  48. asyiah says:

    hy mamafiza…sy s0rg ibu y bRumur br shj thu about sygnya sy xpt nk join bCoz of d price.i’m still a stud..n my hubby’s salary just 700rm..pape pn,i’m really proud of you..

  49. wazni says:

    Salam mamafiza,

    Can you conduct WAHM workshop at Kuantan? I am working mom now, currently 6 months pregnant wuth second child. Plan to stop working after maternity and becoming full time working mother at home. I am beginning to start online business as preparation.Appreciate your reply on the workshop and online coaching session offered. Really have many things in mind to do but need proper guideline how to do it. Thanks

  50. Zura says:

    Hi MamaFiza, just checking if you will be conducting another workshop soon?

  51. Ninie says:

    Dear mamafiza,

    I am interested with WAHM. I would like to start an ebizz but dont know hor to go about. at the moment i jual branded clothes for kids (kecil-kecilan). hope you can share at least even a piece of words. TQ

  52. Melda Eshelman says:

    Hay friend! How are You ? I like your post and i want to stumble it for my friend but i cant see your social bookmark widget in this blog. Please help me friend. Thank You

  53. Rini Shariff says:

    Hie dearie mamafiza,

    I love ur blog and am interested with your workshop…WAHM. For 7 August 2010 is it still available for registration? and is it ok if i bring my son (10 mnths) along? FYI I plan to go to KL that particular weekend and wish could attend ur seminar….


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