PhotoBlog: J. Co Donuts & Coffee – City Square Johor Bahru

Post by MamaFiza on September 30, 2009 

Warning: this post contains large images.



Good afternoon a la mode mommies 😉

A lil update for our photoblog collection: Donuts Dream! ^-^

“Bagels and doughnuts….round food for every mood~Chandler, Friends TV Show”

Just can’t resist the “smoothness” in every bite of J CO!

Our favorite picks: Hazel Dazel, Alcapone, Why Nut, Heaven Berry>_<

Preparation. . . ^-^


Lovely kids *alhamdulillah*


Ho ho ho!


Smiles n cheese~


Pose ei ei!


Dont forget to try J.CO Donuts!

Have a remarkable day mommies 😀

Please do enjoy your day with your lil angel.

May God bless your family. Amin~

Eid 2009 Blessing

Post by MamaFiza on September 28, 2009 

Warning: this post contains large images.


Good morning dear pretty mommies 😉

How’s your holiday break going?

Alhamdulillah, we’re currently doing well and still in vacation week.  Lots of activities will be update and we’ll begin our homeschool 3rd trimester on 1st November 2009.

I’m curious how other people are doing during this holiday season. Personally, we’ve lots of pictures to share. Which is great!

Please do attach your url/link for your Eid 2009 update via below comment box so you could share your remarkable moment with our loyal blog readers >_< And you will get a chance to win prize for your homeschool online business start-up estore.

Insya-Allah, we will be back for online work by October 2009 (the King will start his work schedule on 1st October 2009, mine will be 10th October 2009).

p/s: Dont forget to submit your LovingMinerals: COLOURS OF FESTIVITIES Contest before 30th September 2009! I’ll try my luck too 😉 It is a bit of work, but fun and an interesting attempt!


Eid 2009 Gallery.


Happy Eid!


My dearest family~


Candid ho ho!


Get ready!


Me with my candies (girls!)


Ei ei smiles~


Cheese . . . 😉


Peace, yo!


Oh, boy! So adorable~


My lil boy KiruaMi-cHan ^-^


My lil ReiHi-cHan ^0^


My lil YunaFi-cHan ^-^


Twins? ^_-


Sweet sisters (handbags lover!) 😉


Lookie here darlin’ …


It’s very HOT day *cant open my eyes, tears!*


My eternal love!


Cuddlin’ my smoothie hubby >_<




Silly faces!


Bear hugs!


Nite Time: My couple and me 😉


Me n my lil HidE-cHan ^o^


Me and my siblings >_<


Tadaa a a…


the he he~


We LOVE candid time!


My lovely sis, meamizuno ^-^


My beloved siblings : exclude 1 lil bro, Is (went tuition!)


My lil bro: Pic taken by me >_<


May God bless your day 😉 Amin~

Gambatte ne !

Last Minute Shopping

Post by MamaFiza on September 18, 2009 

Good afternoon hot momma 😉

May you’ve a lovely day *snuggles*

Just a lil update from me before before driving back to my husband hometown in JB (he’s a proudly Johorean ^0^ ).

This year, Ramadan, month of fasting was special for my family. It was the first time in my kids life to fully enjoy fasting together. We enjoyed waking up before dawn, preparing breakfast, rushing to have one more glass of soy milk while listening to the call for morning prayer that signals the end of eating and start of fasting, in the evening: cooking time and again listening to the Mullah’s call for the evening prayer and end of fasting, preparing for tarawih!

All of this we enjoyed with relish, especially talking and dinner with family about their daily routine plus remembering wistfully those of my own family’s twenty years ago.

Last night supper: Homemade Cheesy Beef Cake *walla~*

Alhamdulillah, we’re done with our kids preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr. Shoes hunting for kids? DONE! 😀  And, yesterday was my last-minute shopping for makeup and shoes (of course sponsored by dear hubby, winks 😉 Thanks hunny!) .

newmakeupmamafiza2Note: I’s my 2nd purchased of mascara
& SkinFood: White Grape Fresh Base for this year ^-^

My new shoes 😉 Mary Jane Wedge (4-inch)
Theme: Greece, Color: Dark Cocoa

The King a.k.a PaPa bought this cute brushes for big sis ReiHi-cHan 😉

Plus I received special package from Miss Illyncia, CEO of, sponsoring my Eid’s mineral makeup! *tears*


Inysa-Allah, I will update tips on Eye Makeup Guide for Moms ~ with 4 Colourful Festive theme by October 2009:

And yes, will includes YouTube video, specially for you my dearest momma (yippie!) >_<

Loveliness for me! Thank you~
p/s: Retractable Lip Brush & Lumiere Dirt, sponsored by awesome hubby too!

More samples for me >_<


That’s all for now sweet mommies 😉

May you’ve a wonderful trip. Please do enjoy your holiday~

Gambatte ne !

Interview: Why Our Kids Love Homeschooling?

Post by MamaFiza on September 15, 2009 

Good afternoon vogue mommies 😉

Have a great Tuesday!

Wish everything will be fine for your homeschool day ^-^

Today we’ve special interview video from our kids regarding their homeschool experienced.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will work for you and your child, plus might release your stress in how to start your very own homeschool, today. Insya-Allah.

So, let us know, What INSPIRES Your Child?

Why do kids ask WHY? :
Children are naturally curious about the world around them. There’s much to learn, and much to know. It’s our responsibility to help teach them things they need to know in positive ways; in order to build wonderful leader for the future. Due to parent don’t normally ask kids a whole lot of questions, e.g: giving them a brainy quiz, so kids ask us instead.


Yesterday menu:  Lamb *shoulder* with mushrooms & herb gravy ^-^


With. . .crunchy coleslaw ^0^ *again* (same recipes)

Below is new interview project video from our kids *Alhamdulillah*;
Why Our Kids Love Homeschooling? 😉

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

Wake-up kids, simple homemade and speedy pizza in the morning *sahur* 😉

All the best momma! Please do remember to reinforce concepts about kindness and success to your child from early age.

Sweet dream, may God bless your night. Amin~

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