World Youngest Photo Editor (Teaser: Nuffnang Paid Advertorial)

Post by MamaFiza on June 29, 2009 

Coming very soon . . . πŸ˜‰

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

You’re invited to view my big boy: KiruaMi-cHan‘s @work ; his extraordinary independent paid-job as photo editor.

And yes, all pictures in my article submitted to Nuffnang had been 100% edited by him (more than 50 pictures! Alhamdulillah πŸ˜‰ ).

Will reveal full articles later after obtained green light from Nuffnang Team^0^

mamafizawithmisssuriaandmissazzaThanks a lot for your generosity hot momma: Miss Suria & Miss Azza!
Will email both of you a.s.a.p! *@Kinokuniya, KLCC :-D*

p/s: dear sweet mommies, do enjoy your weekdays! >_< *hugs* Do click this linkΒ  if you like to join Homeschool Module 2 @ SusuIbu, Section 9, Bangi ^-^

With A Grateful Heart

Post by MamaFiza on June 23, 2009 

Dear beauteous mommies,

Wish you were in delightful time *hugs* πŸ˜‰

How’s your Father’s Day celebration? *Happy Father’s Day to great daddies, out there!*

Alhamdulillah, we’ve had so much fun on a little party here and I’ll post it very soon. Project hint: bokken + carving >_<

Just a lil update regarding our occupied weeks:

Two robots in action!

Are you ready to battle?

Danger zone!

Proudly present by KiruaMi-cHan ^-^

littlekittleyoutubesuperbhits2Tadaa . . .

We love books ^0^

New “nature” books!

Our “safety” scissors ^_-
Will update our latest art project soon!

Spread your LOVE πŸ˜‰

God bless!

Crying for a helping hand!

Map to Rumah Caring, Kajang πŸ˜‰


Thank you so much for your lovely support mommies! *hugs*

May Allah swt blessed your family. Amin~ πŸ˜€

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My Extraordinary Biz Guru (Sir Dr Irfan Khairi)

Post by MamaFiza on June 19, 2009 

mohsi-moshi supreme mommies πŸ˜‰

Wish you were in super excellent day *cuddles*

Warning: this post contains large images.

Alhamdulillah, we’re tremendously full & busy with our homeschool schedule >_< Will try my best to update soon.

Recently it was like a marvelous moment for me *thank you God* πŸ˜€

Next week, I’ll be meeting my first client for Nuffnang Paid Advertorial *alhamdulillah*.

(Yes, after 5 months registered with Nuffnang, I got my 1st advertorial project for my family’s homeschool blog:, and the pay is very good indeed.)



Incredibly, last Tuesday (July 16th, 2009), I received special invitation from my undoubtedly biz guru: Sir Dr Irfan Khairi & Rahsia Internet Crew to Sir Dato’ Dr Azman Ching‘s talk at Cititel Hotel, Midvalley on Thursday (July 18th, 2009 *yes, it’s last night!*).

Rahsia InternetHey, that’s me ^-^
*do click the above pic for more details*

After gained green light from The King *yippie*, I’m extremely happy to meet my mentor in person! *Thanks a lot to my darling hubby & cutie pie kids (they hang-out at Mid Valley Megamall)*

Below are my personal testimonial after meet-up with Sir Dr Irfan Khairi:

“He’s very down to earth and unpretentious.Β  I can’t say nothing bad about him. I think that’s probably what makes him appealing. Although he is who he is, he is very approachable and warms to people readily. He’s intuitive, in the sense of immediately appreciating as a person rather than his title plus he’s passionate about what he’s doing. He never failed to reply my inquiries via email & Facebook message. And I’m grateful he’s our biz guru!” ~mamafiza


Sneak peek of my journey to meet Sir Dr Irfan Khairi in-person πŸ˜‰ :

Eye-shadow theme: Purplish

Camwhore? *lol*

Get ready!

@ Lobby

Crowd ^0^

The “screen” ^-^

My Great Biz Mentor (it’s a banner, of course!)

Arrival . . .

Still waiting . . .

Topic of tha day . . .

Sir Jefri Mastaman
, the coolest Investor πŸ˜‰

Sir Dr Irfan Khairi : In Action!

Superb speech!

Amazing speaker >_<

Me with Sir Dr Irfan Khairi *unbelievable moment, tears*
In person: 25 minutes!
Thank you for your sweet compliment Sir! *he likes my graphic designs*
Insya-Allah, we’ll meet again next month πŸ˜€

Autograph please, Sir >_<

Special note from Sir Dr Irfan Khairi to Malaysian Homeschooler!
*wohooo, you’re ultimate cool Sir~*

Me with Sir Allen Lee Chin Min.
In person: 15 minutes!
*Millionaire! He’s such a kind person with unique personality*

Wonderful speaker ever! Sir Dato’ Dr Azman Ching.
His per hour speech price: RM 10,000!
In person: 15 minutes!
*Gosh, really salute! Adore his style. Yes, he’s a Millionaire too (high-level!)*

My only regret on that day -_- Blur images!
My sad day without my professional photographer: The King & KiruaMi-cHan.

Surprise! Met cute momma Miss Raudhah & her lil angel πŸ˜‰
*do click her link to read her lovely moment at the event*
Thanks a lot gorgeous for your kindness~

Me with proud CEO of WellnessPro Resources: Sir Khairul
*pity, another blur images!*

I learned lots of valuable knowledge through this remarkable event. Thank you very much for inviting me, Sir Dr Irfan Khairi. I’m very happy πŸ˜€ *alhamdulillah*


Do enjoy your weekend mommies!

May Allah swt always blessed your splendid hardwork. Amin~

*gambatte ne* πŸ˜‰

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Ballet’s Best Friend

Post by MamaFiza on June 15, 2009 

Great day chic momma πŸ˜‰

Wish you were in fabulous day.

Warning: this post contains large images.

Today, I would love to share about toddler & ballet >_<

Dance in general is great for your toddler health and taking extra classes helps your lil ones to be more aware of her/his body and also helps them to meet other people with similar interests.

Ergo, ballet is good to take because it helps young children to improve things like posture, balance and flexibility.

It also helps him/her to improve their technique if they want to start Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballroom or Tap.

Plus, they will gain musicality and with no doubt ballet is also very graceful and beautiful to watch.

Nevertheless,Β  it can also help with your lil ones about commitment because he/she really have to commit to it if they want to be good, and magnify self-esteem and determination. *Insya-Allah*

ReiHi-cHan’s with her Ballet Pre-Primary Teacher: Madam Wendy ^-^
*she’s truly an amazing teacher, generous lady!*

Ta daa . . . graceful ballerinas πŸ˜€ *Alhamdulillah*

Lil ballerina pose~ ^0^

ReiHi-cHan’s with her dear bestfriend: Lil cutie Dya πŸ˜‰

Today tips: Alone or not, just do it!Β  If you have to wait for others to be ready and join your kids, things will never happen.

Life is a miracle. When you are NOT experiencing miracles, you are probably struggling up the hard way to get things done.


If you use Creative Visualization, you can get anything you desire. And best of all it’s free!

Keep on good attitudeΒ  mommies πŸ˜‰ Homeschooling is the BEST!

May Allah swt always bless & help you. Amin~

Gambatte ne! *cuddles*

Dinner for yesterday: Seafood Lasagna πŸ˜‰

p/s: Do click HERE if you like to join Easy-Peasy Book Guide for Moms Mini Talk! or click here for Homeschool Module 2 @ SusuIbu, Section 9, Bangi ^-^

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