Recycle Project with Your Baby and Toddler

Post by MamaFiza on March 10, 2008 

Recycle Mission

A new look at junk, or change the world, one bit at a time…


How to Start?

Starting with the basics is a great way to teach your child fun recycling projects.

Must do’s:

It is important to identify the 3 R’s for your toddler so that he/she can distinguish 3 key ways to reduce his/her ecological footprint, that is, his/her impact on the environment:

Shop wisely to save resources. Can the container be easily recycled or reused? Will a larger container reduce the amount of packaging and perhaps cost less per serving? Is everything that can be recycled being recycled?

Save resources *plus money* by asking yourself if the item is something you really need, and if it is well suited for the task, and if it will last. Not only can this save you money, it can save you space and work, too. 5 toys that are loved an played with are more fun than 10 toys that are broken or are boring to play with. And it’s quicker to pick up 5 toys and put them away than to pick up 10.

A house with no room left for us but only loaded with everything we “liked” really doesn’t sound like that much fun, even to my kiddies.


Sneak peek of our Recycle Week project:

Recycling Project
Recycle Project begin~


Recycling Kiddies
Just can’t wait any longer 😉


Recycling StuffRecycle Mission
Homemade Recycle Logo’s by using Stencil Art method (print on paper, trace on plastic card & cut)


KiruaMi-cHan: Painting his favorite logo!


ReiHi-cHan: Enjoying her “green” moment~


YunaFi-cHan: Eager to paint together~


YunaFi-cHan and PaPa
Please asked PaPa, why~


Recycling Project
Let ’em dry!


Recycling Project
Cut, cut, cut~


Recycling Stuff


Recycling Stuff
Recyclable items~


Recycling Boxes
It took me 3 days to finish wrapped those boxes *oh, busy day* (1 box per day)


Us ^_-


KiruaMi-cHan: Glue, glue, glue…


ReiHi-cHan: Sticky sticks~


YunaFi-cHan: Oh, my glue!


Recycling Project
Put & stick ’em kiddies! Please take your turn 😉 *good job*


Recycling Kiddies
Our beloved kiddies posing with their recycle boxes 😉


Recycling Kiddies
YunaFi-cHan: I love it!


Recycle - Orange Box
Orange box~


Recycle - Blue Box Recycle - Blue Box
Blue box~


Recycle - Brown Box
Brown box~


Recycling Kiddies
Happy moment~


We had our “Recycle Game“. You may simply watch our homemade videos too.
p/s: please ignore my coughing voice. Thank you 😉


Step by step guide:


Recycle Mission


Recycling Activities for Toddlers:

Happy recycling mommies!

May Allah swt always blessed your tremendous hardwork. Amin~

*gambatte ne*


  1. LV says:

    As-salaamu-3laykum MamaFiza,

    I found your blog last week, and am really enjoying it. Where do you find all these ideas to do with your kids? I have a 2.5 yo daughter, and would love to know your sources. Thanks!

  2. sue75 says:

    hi mamafiza,
    hop in from SI…impressed with ur skill and determination…well prepared..and the kids really enjoying it..i wish i could do the same, but only on weekend and at nite..

    keep it up..thanx for this blog, very inspiring

  3. Nadia says:

    assalamualaikum mamafiza

    heheheheheheh comelnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ok this is definitely one post I will refer to as I’m not very good with recycling but trying to learn inshaallah…jazakillah khair!

  4. ibukauthar says:

    hi mamafiza
    i just back home from a 7-day bed rest in serdang hospital due to some pregnant complication-water bag leaking,severe vomitting and pale-.
    Syukur Alhamdulillah finally the obgyn has confirmed that my 24-week-old baby is in excellent condition.
    There are some interesting progress to share with you.
    My husband has ment through your blog for so many times to educate himself about homeschooling.
    I didnt know that he practiced one of the technique you suggested in your blog-how to train the toddler to use tooth brush-
    When i come back home, my 14-month-old son was so eager to show me his progress in toothbrushing. I am so happy and decided to begin home school as soon as possible.
    I’ve download the hs planner that you provide in your blog and need some time to prepare all the necessary things to start the class.
    Now me and hubby are so busy decorating a room for our son-like one you have for ur 3-chans.. 🙂
    pray for my success ya…i am really happy to get a friend like you.
    may Allah bless you and ur family.

  5. meamizuno says:

    tahniah~! environment friendly~

  6. coachsha says:

    waaaahhh!!!! luvly video mamafiza!! Kiruami-chan so supportive of his sistah. Hmm..coughing,huh… take care ya. thanks kabillion for menjenguk my casa-escuela.

    To infinity and beyonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…tata. wassalam.

  7. Rina says:

    Salam Fiza,

    Fantastic job on creating environmental awareness among your kids! I’m totally impressed:)

  8. CMeyers says:

    Hello from the US, I don’t know a lot about the subject matter in this particular post (Project with Your Baby and Toddler – Whizkid :, but I did enjoy reading this and learned a little bit. Before clicking here I was trying to find out about game outdoor play toy in particular, and I will come back now that I have found you.

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  10. I love the work these guys did! They were so professional and determined to finish their project!

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