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Post by MamaFiza on January 18, 2008 

Hello there πŸ˜‰

Wish all of you were in the pink of health. *yatta*

Does your kiddy have their private reading room?

As for me, developing interest in learning for baby or toddler do need a bit of creativity.

Pictured yourself staying and spending almost 12 hours in the same dull, creepy, dusty room without any equipment or books for study plus with your parent shouting and screaming at you “Go learn!”, “Why are you so lazy?“, etc.

I wonder how melancholy and misfortune it will be for children whom need to face the above situation (or even worse?).

Please, if you want to change the attitude of your little-bitty, do change your mindset first.

Some of my tips:

In my experience, kid room decoration is the most enjoyable experience and which if done properly brings an air of satisfaction!

Do not give an excuses even thought you only have a small room (same goes to us, we not owned a mansion).

Let us just try our best to take any opportunity to make our kiddies happy. *Insya-Allah*

Besides the fun aspect of remodeling a kid’s room, it is a good and a constructive way for passing time, which helps one bond with the kids.

When you start showing interest in your kid’s interest and talk to them about their likes and dislikes, they become more than happy.

So when you consult your children about decorating their room, they take active interest in the discussion.

More of my tips on designing your kiddy reading / play room:


Below are some of our home-school room view for year 2008:

I choose Royal Red, Cream and White as the color theme.

Our Family Home-school
My kiddies favorite place~


Our Family Home-school
Toys, art & craft stuffs, kiddies private locker, Red & Cream walls, kiddies books


Kiddies PC & Toys
Kiddies private computer and more toys


Map & Board
Kiddies world map, kiddies bulletin board & art gallery (not yet fill with anything, just finished created ’em today)


Mural Painting
Featured wall *ahaha not yet finished painting, under construction*


I kept all my kiddies drawing / sketches / doodles since their ages of 1 years old for our home-school record (plus my personal interest on their works). *alhamdulillah*

Every time when they completed their artwork, I displayed those at our board of “Art Gallery“, which they could proudly viewed and introduced ’em to their father (the King!).

After a 2 weeks, I stored it in huge ring files, divided by their own names.

Artwork File
Kiddies artwork file *not yet wrapped it duh*



Below are some of our home-school room view for last year, 2007 (old place):

Old Homeschool
Our last year learning wall

Art Gallery
Kiddies art gallery


I hope you could get some of the ideas on organizing your sweetie pie favorite place. *cheers*

Do not give up and keep on trying *gambatte ne*


May Allah swt blessed your journey with your family. Amin~


Lot’s of love from me πŸ˜‰


Yunafi & PC
Yunafi-cHan with PC



  1. anamiraa says:

    fantastic job! ;-))

    can i send my kids to YOUR homeschool? :0))

  2. rizza says:


    wow..dasat tu…
    hehheh …. tempat paling best …bilik bacaan kami….masing2 kat meja masing ….mengadap laptop masing..hehhheh….tapi simple je dlm bilik kami ni…..(ye la umah sewa…mana leh tampal/tebuk dinding sesukati…)…..
    great work!!!
    good luck!!

  3. ikin says:

    wah bestnye… ikin pun tak pernah merasa begini ketika kecil. takde pulak bilik2 tertentu. pasti anak2 mamafiza sgt cerdik besar nanti!

  4. Nur says:

    Hi MamaFiza..u r a very creative mum!!Thanks for sharing, it really motivates me!

  5. meamizuno says:

    U_U org yg tidak pernah kerumah mu U_U

  6. yus says:

    nak p wal lawatan ke rumah fiza boleh tak???
    skrg tgh kumpul ide je….sbb masih duduk dgn family…
    just manage to get a small place to put my daughter’s books n things

  7. coachsha says:

    vibrant and energetic space for your classhome or homeclass.
    Your effort PUSHES me to get more organized with my h-skuling.
    Shukran! Muchas gracias! Merci!

  8. ct says:

    sukaaanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i’m dreaming of creating that kind of room for my kids.. la ni ada la jugak which my 1st doter called it “bilik menan”…where she did most of the things there eg: reading, coloring, play toys…and not to forget..iron baju as i also use that room for my ironing session..haha

  9. Rina says:

    You did an awesome job with your kiddies study/play room! I’m inspired to do the same for my son!! Thanks Mamafiza:) You’d make a fabulous kindergarten/pre-school teacher. One I wouldn’t mind sending my kids too;)

  10. MummyQai says:

    Thanks for the tips….. tgh kumpul dana nak upgrade bilik study for the kids!…. Thanks again. The yellow vynil goes well with the red and white. Love it too!

  11. nelcyndana says:

    he..he… rs semangat plak nk pindah msk umah br. my dream has always been to have a library in my house. x realized lg, hopefully lps ni semangat dtg blk. anyway, it’s a lovely room mamafiza.

  12. mama_iza says:

    tahniah mamafiza…… rasa jauh terbelakangnya saya. takpe masih belum terlambat….

  13. ummu_wafi says:

    Alhamdulillah thanks 4 ur idea…yesterday i’ve just started decorating my sons’ room….happy to c them happy…may Allah bless all the mothers for the work they’ve done to their children….

  14. mama_mel says:

    Alhamdulillah,tq atas perkongsian ini.saya pun sdg cuba wujudkan room seperti di atas.mudah-mudahan berjaya

  15. […] the King also generously upgraded our kids old personal computer to personal notebook, and now into their very own […]

  16. Salamahafifi says:

    Hi. I came across this blog via Google search. We’re from Singapore but now living in Johor. My siblings are homeschooling now. I was inspired by your work and insya allah, we’ll have our own library too. Thanks!

  17. Pn haslinda says:

    Dear fiza, my first & second child have no interest in reading. The age 18 and 16 respectively. While most of it o do blame my mistake as a mother im far frm giving up. Appreciate your advice. Tq

  18. […] than our wall of fame, world map, planner mind-map,Β periodic table of chemical elements, and list of educational display […]

  19. Lily Oliver says:

    What’s happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other users like its aided me. Great job.

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  21. Ling says:

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  22. ayu says:

    Assalamualaikum Fiza, sebenarnya dah lama tahu pasal sekolah di rumah mamafiza dari mula blogging tahun 2008. Sekarang bila anak dah sekolah baru terfikir dan buka blog fiza balik. Blog Fiza memang banyak beri inspirasi, in sha Allah akan buat yang terbaik untuk anak-anak :). Terima kasih banyak-banyak atas perkongsian.

  23. zahara3 says:

    Hi little Kittle!
    We just moved to Kl and i would like Homeschool my 7years old Triplets. Please advice how I can contact you.
    We opted to send them for homeschool as my husband’s job entails him to travel a lot and he would like us to come with him.
    I would truly appreciate if you can help me get started.
    Thank you

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