Loving You

Post by MamaFiza on August 28, 2007 

Dearest My King of Heart

My Lover

My King. Me.


No matter what happens, even if you become the worlds enemy. I’ll be your knight!


I still remembered those words, I told you since we’re just best friend [year 2000].

I got it from my favorite game character; Squall Leonhart [Final Fantasy 7].

I love those words so much an I want you to have this quote, for eternity.

Thank you so much sayang, for your true love. I Love You (The King of Z) πŸ˜€

Darul Izzah Love

Post by MamaFiza on August 27, 2007 

Update: from Darul Izzah with love πŸ˜‰

Orphanage kids; They are so special to me as my great grandma, my beloved grandma and my sweet mother always showed me to respect and caring for orphanage.

This is what I’m teaching my kiddies.

In my past days, I love to visit orphanage house with my colleague; MMU PBSM Club.

We spread our love and hope, sharing our knowledge with orphanage kids around Puchong, Selangor and Kajang, Selangor (Rumah KITA).

All of the house that I had visited were non-Muslim house.

I didn’t care about the religion or skin color, as for me; love is from anyone whom have a hand in everyone whom needed.

There, those kiddies sometimes asked me; Sister, are you a Chinese or an Indian?

(They confused about my race due to all my colleague are Chinese and Indian, except one; it’s me, a Malay girl)

I always replied; I’m none of them, I just a normal human being like you.

Their house were goodly occupied with lots of accommodation such as library, computers, study table for each one, bed, clothing, washing machines, refrigerator and field.

Alhamdulillah, I am happy for them.

We love to play soccer game together, fun games, painting and even more!

We teaches valuable morality for these kids. We just moved to our new studio last April 2007.

My mission is to find new orphanage house around the area that we could share our love.I managed to find; Darul Izzah.

A Muslim orphanage house.

Made my staff to call and tell them that I’ll be there at noon to share our foods.

My first time ever visit; I am truly sad!

The house were cluttered with dangerous stuff (looks like construction material), the place were messy and most of all; lack of facilities.

Those kids didn’t have computer, study table or even good place to study.

Poor them; the place even had smelly smells.

Why could this happen? Don’t ask me, ask yourself.

Think again, have we done any good for our community?

Yes, first do good to our family, seconds lend your hand to them. Please help this kids.

Think twice before you want to throw away any good furniture or books. Think about them.

Darul Izzah

Darul Izzah. My staff. Me. Care Worker.

On our first month at Darul Izzah, we treated those kiddies with KFC for lunch and I used my break-time to be with them; chit-chatting and they show me their interest in drawing comic -that’s my major in university.

They felt awkward on why on earth I know too much about comics, they even showed me their drawings and asked me to teach them.

Me & Darul Izzah

Me. Darul Izzah’s kiddies. My staff.

They thought I am Kaoru, a comic artis from Gempak & Starz, no I said, that’s my beloved friend, she’s so sweet and kind.

I just one of Gempak Cosplayer in 2003 πŸ˜‰

I’ll told Kaoru my visited.

My husband and I took all our own special collection of comics since year 1999 till 2004; Gempak, Starz & Utopia on our second month with KFC treats at Darul Izzah; we donated it for our love!

They were so happy and those comics looks totally new due to my strict rule of reading comic from my childhood days.

We also bought them a comfy book rack so that they could learn how to take care of those comics.

I met their care worker and told him to give the children to read those comics only on Saturday and Sunday.

I want them to excel in everything at the same time used their free time in good ways.

I know this because I am addicted for comics since the age of 8 till now.

I’ll do anything to read my comics, I kept my saving for comics (yep, I am one of Dragon Balls maniac in my primary school – even build special website for DB!), cut my meal to save every penny that I had.

I even cheated my teacher; she said “Fiza, you’re so hardworking gals, always do your revision in free time at class”, but she didn’t realize that actually I attached my comic inside my Science text book while I’m reading so that she couldn’t find out! *gosh, hope she didn’t read this post*

Comic is good due to it have pictures.

Kids tend to love pictures more than normal history books, it’s ok due to it will develop their craving for reading.

I told him that and about my home school activities.

I want him to be strong and believe that everything is possible for those kids.

He was shocked and thrilled about my kiddies (due to they got one; a 9 years old boys still didn’t know how to read, however KiruaMi-cHan could read at the age of 3). Alhamdulillah, I replied, but please don’t compared.

My kids can because they still have a mother. But what about those orphanage?

I’ll try my best to be one of their volunteer for teaching those kids in my next visit. Insya-Allah.

Now, after we obtained our own family car, it’s made us easy to bring our kiddies to orphanage places instead of using rental car.

Playland, Alamanda Putrajaya Trip

Post by MamaFiza on August 25, 2007 

New update for our home-school activities πŸ˜‰

We went to Playland, Alamanda Putrajaya last few weeks. This is our first time visiting the place.

We recommended this playful arena to you (bring your kiddies here, they sure gotta love it πŸ˜€ )

Family at Alamanda


Due to we reached there on Working Days; Tuesday, we just needed to pay RM 5.00 for 2 hours, for the whole family πŸ˜‰ *very cheap and affordable*

KiruaMi-cHan & ReiHi-cHan truly loved playing with Lego’s, swimming in lagoon of balls, enjoying playground implement together with me πŸ™‚

*Oh, yes. I did enter the playground with my kiddies and played with them, ahaha*

They just love the colors of the background area, so colorful and tantalizing for them.

Us :)

On that day, Ahamdulillah, everything goes smoothly and pleasurable; plus less people (just us and 2 more family).

Beyond doubt, I am happy for my kiddies, they still have my hubby and me.

I reminded them how lucky they are and don’t forget to be grateful to Allah swt, and pray for the best things will happen to others kids around this world.

Below are some of the kiddies pics with Lego‘s:




Lego 2






KiruaMi-cHan on acts;


Kimy & Lego






ReiHi-cHan on da move;





YunaFi-cHan with us:


YunaFi with Us


YunaFi & PaPa


Our Baby


Update: the place is no longer exist πŸ™ Had been closed down after 1 months we visited it. They placed some of the toys beside Parkson, Putrajaya. But no privacy at all *cry*

National Zoo

Post by MamaFiza on August 21, 2007 

Right after one week we obtained our first car, we went to National Zoo *whee* πŸ˜‰

This my very first time with my 3 little kiddies wandered at the zoo.

KiruaMi-cHan was sooo thrilled!

He can’t wait to see tiger and elephant (but of course they *zoo authority* will keep the best for the last or finale, rite?), so I needed to comfort him, telling that there will be much more to explore.

KiruaMi: Mama, why I need to wear this tag?

mamafiza: Because you’re big boy. Must have that one, same like mama.

KiruaMi: If I won’t? I couldn’t enter the zoo?

mamafiza: Yes. Must put on.

He kinda didn’t like the Zoo’s tag due to him, it got itchy-utchy part at the tag.

Whizkid at Zoo

KiruaMi: Where are tiger & lion, mama? *roar* Why got too many monkeys? (repeating more than 30 times)

mamafiza: Wait ok? We must walk and keep walking until we meet ur friend the “GeLion” and “Mr Tuskeniny”. Go Kimy, go! *I cheered him up with Go Diego Go duplicated songs ehehe.

Gratefully, somehow he managed to calm down and listened to me while teaching them about the animals, the history and reading map to see what’s the next animal we will visit.

I’ll make sure they wave to the animal and said “Good bye, we’ll visit u soon, please take care

While ReiHi-cHan was soooo excited looking at hanging-jumping monkeys!

She described to me as:

ReiHi: Mama, mama, see..monkey, climb, up to the sky!(moving her hands just like those monkey, swing-swank)

mamafiza: Are you sure sayang? That’s amazing! (haha so cute, she told me that the monkey was climbing so fast as she described it as “going up to the sky”)

ReiHi: Nice! Mama!

Stopping by at Kid’s World:

Whizkid at Zoo

ReiHi: Mama! Eeii cute..squirrels! Chicken, BIG chicken! Eat, nyum, eat rice (she told Mr Chicken to eat more rice..haha)

KiruaMi: Yes, eat more. Rice from paddy field, you know Mr Chicken? Let me told you. You need to process it first at the factory, then I’ll teach you to cook rice, like I always do *helping mama in the kitchen*. It’s OK, just easy.

(haha now he become a teacher for Mr gigantic chicken)

Too much valuable experienced I got from my kiddies.

While YunaFi-cHan, kept her eyes starring at the buzzy-beez, and watched her big bro and big sis learning moment.

Bird-watching & exploring time!

Whizkid at Zoo



Coaching my kiddies to read Zoo’s map, taking pictures with Mr bear, Miss Pony, Buzzy-Beez.

Whizkid at Zoo

Rest for a while at Ribena’s pit-stop ^_-


KiruaMi-cHan fed an elephant πŸ˜‰

Whizkid at Zoo

The King and the two lil princess, with an elephant!


Our family with slithering snake!

Whizkid at Zoo

Sweet journey, Alhamdulillah πŸ˜‰

Mommies, let bring your cutie to the zoo!

Spent your quality time! *gambatte ne*


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