FAQ: Web Design Package (RM299)

  • Why some of our client stores still empty (without products)?

    As we promised & guaranteed: your webstore/website will complete on time without you could even think about how to start your online business 😉 Please do support our loyal clients and give them time as most of them are new entrepreneur. Thank you!

  • Where is LittleKittle.com web hosting server location?

    Currently we running on 3 main server (since 2002)  for web hosting, back-up and maintenance, Cyberjaya, Malaysia, Atlanta, GA, USA and Denver, Colorado USA.

  • I had my own domain name & web hosting. What should I do? How much should I pay to order for this package?

    FYI, even if you already have your own domain name & hosting, the price will be the same (RM 299.00).

    If you would like to choose our packages, you need to pay for your next year domain fees to your former domain name provider, you will only need to pay for RM 299.00 per year to us regarding to web hosting matter.

    Please provide us your details on your recent domain name & hosting due to we will transfer it to our web hosting servers before we setup your new web store.

  • How much should I pay for next year (and year after)? And what if I took different package, how much I should pay for next year?

    Whatever the package you take, you only need to pay to us: RM 299.00 yearly (for domain name renewal, web hosting server renewal & web maintenance).

  • I’m not IT geek. How could I manage to use your services?

    Our online shop packages are suitable for beginner. We normally provide online tutorial sheet for our clients.

    By using CubeCart / SmartPro eStore you may simply setup your eStore, add your product & pictures etc in Admin Page (no need to login in Control Panel in web hosting server).

    As an addition, CubeCart / SmartPro is simply easy shopping cart to use due to it WYSIWYG format (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get).

    Thus, you didn’t need to know about PHP or HTML code and could easily upload product pictures using same admin page without using FTP server.

    Just add your products and start selling!

  • What is Layout Copyright?

    It’s mean that you own the copyright for your online store layout. We will NOT selling your layout to others.

    One of a kind, sold only once.

  • What is Side Box Title?

    Online shop structure like LittleKittle eStore had add-ons features on it.

    It’s Side Box Title: where you could see all the title banner NOT in normal text or standard rectangle plain color box, however in images format; Products, Cart, Language, Newsletter etc.

  • How much should I pay for banner/logo design?

    Luckily, you’ll get banner/logo as FREE design from us 🙂

    Just let us know your details; image,font, color (but only static images not flash file). Or just leave it to us!

    Do tell us type of design that you prefer; flower/parenting/butterfly/animal/nature/girly/elegant etc) and what will be the text? (Store name & motto)

  • What about re-editing?

    If there’s still anything you would like to edit or change (with your color, banner, layout, etc), you may let us know due to it will be FREE within 5 working days starting from the first day we launch your online store.

  • I have being calling LittleKittle.com for whole day, why nobody pick up my phone call?

    LittleKittle.com’s Technical Support Department is handled by Experienced System Engineers and System Support Personnel within 24-48 Hours, 5 Days a Week. Technical Support will answer any technical questions you have about LittleKittle.com hosting, products and services.

    LittleKittle.com does not provide a telephone contact method for technical support. Based on the nature of problems had by web hosting customers, it is much timelier and more effective for issues to be handled via email rather than over the phone

    You may contact our Technical Support Team via sending us your inquiry or request via email. Normally they will reply within 24-48 hours in working days.

  • When can we meet?

    Thank you
    for your kindness and support to us.

    We’re highly appreciate your time.We do provide off-line consultation for our professional time to our previous clients with charges of RM 170 per half an hour (min hour: 1 hour). Just simply let us know your time, date *only applicable in working hours & days*, place (price acceptable only within KL & Selangor area) and how many hours you’d required. Full payment of off-side consultation need to be pay before meet up.

    Please do understand, this service is fully dedicate to small business family: that’s why we do online business, timelier plus better customer service at less cost.

    We only charge professional re-arrangement & re-design for layout and web maintenance (from web spamming & hacking); as you know if you download free version, you will don’t have the copyright of your layout & the choice of layout are not impressive and unlimited.

    You may contact us via email: littlekittlestore@gmail.com

    Note: Don’t place order if you are NOT serious buyers. This may delay the process for us to manage all order. For those who are not willing to be patient, full of hatred and disbelieve, please do not place any order.


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